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EZ Pet Care Review – “Thank you so much

Thank you so much for the wonderful grooming job Amanda did on our Lil'Dinky!! We will be using you again very soon and requesting Amanda, she is a very talented groomer and very personable!!

Amy Shaw Fridley Amy Shaw Fridley March 4, 2014

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EZ Pet Care Review

Pretty surprised at the reviews here. We recently decided to go "mobile" as our senior cocker has been diagnosed with cancer and we didn't want him out all day or for even a half day getting all stressed out. He's not supposed to get overly excited. Miss Kelly was great with him. Totally think the service was worth the money as it was so much easier on him and Kelly was wonderful. We will be calling them back out!

Julie Hestand Julie Hestand January 23, 2014

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EZ Pet Care Review – “Jennifer does a great job with our fur …

We use Jennifer on a reoccurring monthly basis, and she does a great job with our fur babies. She gets 4 (3 dogs 1 cat) animals done pretty quick- paying attention to detail, and they look fabulous/smell fabulous when she is done. She is so sweet to them too. We get a reminder call at least two days ahead of time from the office. When you have a "mini-farm" of animals it is totally worth it to have them come to the house.

Katheryn Massey Katheryn Massey November 26, 2013

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Pet Butler :: “A Good Job with a Good Attitude

It’s so nice not to have to beg someone to clean up the yard. We have two large dogs and Pet Butler always does a good job with a good attitude!

Janet S. - Fort Worth, TX Janet S. - Fort Worth, TX September 27, 2012

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Pet Butler Services are an “Excellent Investment

We have been using our yard a whole lot more since we found Pet Butler. Excellent investment!

Margaret L. - Rockwall, TX Margaret L. - Rockwall, TX September 23, 2012

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Pet Butler DFW :: Don’t Pick Battles about Picking up Poop

I'm tired of yelling at the kids to pick up the poop, I've got too many other things to yell at them about. Just kidding, there are so many battles to raising kids I didn't want poop to be one of them!

Clare B. - Dallas, TX Clare B. - Dallas, TX September 16, 2012

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Pet Butler Pros are “Dependable, Easily Recognizable” and …

This service has provided me with more free time to enjoy my dog. These people are dependable, easily recognizable, and I feel safe with them in my yard.

Sue Ann S. - McKinney, TX Sue Ann S. - McKinney, TX September 13, 2012

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Your Time is “Too Valuable” to Spend on Pet Cleanup

This is my year to outsource everything and you are the first company I called! My time is too valuable and you guys are too cheap! (Don't tell the boss I said that!)

P. Nolan - Plano, TX P. Nolan - Plano, TX September 10, 2012

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Pet Butler Makes Life “More Relaxing

I work like a dog and don't have the time or desire to clean up after our 2! So much more relaxing in our beautiful yard when The Butler has taken care of the "little details".

Brenda B. - Dallas, TX Brenda B. - Dallas, TX August 27, 2012

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Pet Butler Clients Wonder “Where Have You Been All My Life?

What a relief! We haven't even been using your services a whole month yet and already I wonder "Where have you been all my life?" We have 3 large dogs, so you can imagine the mess. The yard used to smell all the time and we never wanted to go outside to play with the dogs because it was always a minefield. Problem solved! You have brought happiness back into our home!

Tonya - Fort Worth, TX Tonya - Fort Worth, TX August 22, 2012

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Pet Butler :: “One Less Thing to… Remember to Do” Review

One less thing to argue about or remember to do. Glad we found you.

T. Chambers- McKinney, TX T. Chambers- McKinney, TX August 22, 2012

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Pet Butler is a “Great Asset” to Homeowners!

Your service is a great asset to all communities. If only everyone used you!

Tonya C., Allen TX Tonya C., Allen TX August 22, 2012

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Pet Butler Dallas :: “Impressed” Client Review

Poop Scooping for a living... better you than me! Very professional website, sign up process, field tech and materials left behind. Impressed!

Gary M. - Keller, TX Gary M. - Keller, TX August 6, 2012

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Pet Butler is a “Welcomed Discovery” for Dog Owners

Picking up after our 2 dogs was too much of a chore as we aged, so your service was a welcomed discovery. We saw one of your trucks in out area and called for HELP!

James D. - Garland, TX James D. - Garland, TX July 30, 2012

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Pet Butler Helps Homeowners Get “The Doody… Done”!

We're very happy to have our back yard back - the doody is done! Keith was very nice and professional too

Charity Y. Charity Y. July 23, 2012

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Pet Butler Dallas :: “Thanks for a Great Job!

Yesterday, your company came and did the first removal on my yard. It really looked great when I came home for lunch! The dogs went outside and sniffed through the entire back yard, probably wondering what in the world happened to all the gifts they had left me in the past few weeks! Thanks for a great job!

B. Ahlman - Coppell, TX B. Ahlman - Coppell, TX July 16, 2012

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Pet Butler Clients Call Us “a Keeper

My Pet Butler Denise really is awesome. Every time I see her she is happy to talk and just loves all over my dogs. She's a keeper and so are you!

Charlotte P., Irving TX Charlotte P., Irving TX July 12, 2012

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Pet Butler Helps “End the Pain” of Poop Scooping

Poop scooping is something I always hated as a kid and now that I'm "all grown up" I've got Pet Butler to end the pain! Thank you.

Rolando B., Dallas TX Rolando B., Dallas TX June 18, 2012

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Pet Butler Dallas :: “Incredible Customer Service” Review

Our Pet Butler is awesome! She gives us incredible customer service and is so eager to please! We really really appreciate her help and so does our puppy Mason! 

Rachel L., Dallas, TX Rachel L., Dallas, TX June 11, 2012

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Pet Butler Helps Homeowners “Enjoy Weekends… and Not Have …

My husband works hard & long hours. The poop wasn't getting scooped & with 2 new puppies, my yard was filling up fast! I needed help so my husband could enjoy his weekend & not have to scoop poop! Pet Butler had great rates and even a coupon! Score!

Lisa R., Rowlett, TX Lisa R., Rowlett, TX June 3, 2012

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Pet Butler Dallas :: “Clients for Life” Review

Outstanding concept and terrific customer service-- we are Pet Butler clients for life!

Clark and Amanda F., Dallas Clark and Amanda F., Dallas May 15, 2012

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Pet Butler Dallas :: We are the “Neiman Marcus for Dogs

 I'd never know you have so many customers. Your personal touch makes me feel very important. Your service is like Neiman Marcus for dogs!

G. Fulton, Arlington TX G. Fulton, Arlington TX May 7, 2012

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Pet Butler Dallas :: “Don’t Leave Me!” Review

I will never scoop poop again! (Just don’t leave me!)

Carroll T., Mansfield TX Carroll T., Mansfield TX May 7, 2012

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Pet Butler Dallas :: “Excellent Service… 100% Satisfied” …

For several years I did not take Pet Butler serious. I though: "Who would be so lazy as to pay someone else to clean up after their dog?" but after cleaning my own yard twice a week for the past decade I understand all too well. I don't know why it took me so long to call - if I had known your prices earlier I would have called a lot sooner! I will remain a loyal Pet Butler Poop Scooping customer for as long as you keep providing the excellent service I have received thus far. 100% satisfied.

Charla D., Cedar Hill TX Charla D., Cedar Hill TX May 6, 2012

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