Pet Butler Scooping Services: Residential Pet Waste Removal

Pet Waste Cleanup Dallas

No matter the size or breed of your dog, he or she will leave stinky waste behind in the yard that you probably would rather not have to clean up. With the services of EZ Pet Care’s Pet Butler in Dallas, you can avoid this stinky chore and create more time to spend with your four-legged friend. Our professional staff will get the job done quickly and leave your yard clean and fresh with sanitation and deodorization services. Below, you can get to know all of the perks of pet waste cleanup at your home, business, or local park in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

What Is the Harm in Pet Waste?

When pet waste is left on the ground, it can contaminate the environment and limit your pet’s enjoyment of his or her yard space. By choosing to use a pet waste cleanup service, you can steer clear of these potential problems with unmanaged pet droppings.

  • Smelly odors – A dirty yard is not just hard on the eyes. It may have an odor that disturbs you and your neighbors, but EZ Pet Care makes the space feel fresher with yard deodorization after waste removal.
  • Possible pollution – Pet waste contains a number of potentially harmful bacteria that can seep into the soil or get washed away by rainfall, which can contaminate the area’s water supply. That means that cleanup services provide an environmentally responsible solution that keeps the whole community safe.
  • Dirty pet playground – Just like you enjoy a clean environment, your pet will want to have a clean space to do his business. Whether your canine prefers a grassy backyard, dog park, or community courtyard, pet waste cleanup will maintain a space where your dog will love to run and play.

How Does Pet Waste Cleanup Work?

You can schedule regular yard cleanup with EZ Pet Care so that you know your pet always has a safe and clean space. Our staff can even clean up your yard when you are away at work and provide food and water for your dog.

Which Services Can Be Added on to Waste Removal?

To add to the convenience of pet waste removal, you can schedule dog or cat food delivery so that you can save a trip to the store. If you are considering at-home services to keep your pet happy and healthy, call EZ Pet Care at (888) 613-1320. We serve the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area with prompt professionals who are passionate about pet care.

One of the few downsides of owning a pet is cleaning up after he or she does business in the yard. To eliminate this smelly chore from your to-do list, you might hire a professional pet waste removal service that will ensure a clean and beautiful outdoor space in your home, office, or local park. EZ Pet Care serves the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex through Pet Butler, which will bring waste removal professionals to your home for regularly scheduled cleanup you can count on. With one less chore in your routine, you will have more quality time to spend with your pet and none of the mess.

Waste Removal on Your Schedule

Affordable waste removal is available on your schedule, and you can set up regular visits so that you always have a clean and tidy yard. When the Pet Butler pros show up at your house, they can even give your furry friend food and water. Pet cleanup services are not only available in residential areas, but they are also provided for parks and workplaces.

Reasons to Rely on the Pros

With do-it-yourself waste cleanup, you will have to take time out of your busy routine and deal with the unpleasant odors your pet leaves behind. A professional scooper service will let you enjoy your free time and know that your pet is well cared for. You will also have peace of mind knowing that waste is properly disposed of. To finish off cleanup service, our staff will apply yard deodorizer to make your outdoor space more welcoming.

Possible Pollution from Pet Waste

In addition to creating an unsightly and smelly nuisance in your yard, unmanaged pet waste can be a potential danger for public health.

1. Contaminated water – When pet waste sits on your lawn, bacteria can seep into the soil and contaminate ground water. Alternatively, rain may wash remnants of pet waste down storm drains. In either case, the result is dirty water that can make people sick when that water is reclaimed.

2. Odors and fumes – The most noticeable form of contamination caused by pet waste is its odor, which can become quite pungent when waste is allowed to pile up.

3. Bacteria-ridden soil – Bacteria from pet waste can travel into the soil, leaving your pet’s playground dirty and unsanitary. Regular waste management will reduce contamination and give your pet a safe and clean place to run, dig, and play.

To eliminate the chores of pet ownership and strengthen your bond with your four-legged companion, call EZ Pet Care at (888) 613-1320 and schedule your yard cleanup. For added convenience, you can schedule dog food delivery for no extra charge.