• Quick Tips for Feeding Frozen Food to Dogs

    Frozen dog food is becoming increasingly popular with pet families. With frozen food, you can give your dog a variety of nutrients without the processing that comes with kibble and off-the-shelf wet food. Of course, feeding your dog frozen food requires a little preparation, so that meals are ready when you need them. These tips will help you add frozen food to your dog’s diet if you’re thinking of adding it to your dog food delivery order.

    If you’re feeding frozen food, it’s best to take two servings out at a time to thaw. For example, take two servings out every evening, so that it is thawed in time for breakfast and you also have dinner covered for that day. Resist the urge to feed food that isn’t completely thawed. Your dog may take it, but it makes digestion difficult. Freeze-dried foods are a good, shelf-stable backup to have on hand if you forget to thaw something in time for a meal.

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  • What to Do When Your Pet Is a Picky Eater

    Pets have a reputation for being constantly on the hunt for food, but in reality, some pets are picky eaters. If your pet is more likely to ignore a bowl of food than to dig in, getting to the root of the problem is important. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as changing your cat or dog food delivery to another brand. Take these steps if you have a pet who is a picky eater.

    Get Real About How Much Your Pet Is Eating
    Your pet may not rush to the food bowl, but is he or she actually getting plenty of food throughout the day? If you frequently give your pet treats and table scraps, he or she may not be hungry or may just be holding out for something better. Try to quit the extras, even if your pet begs, to see if cutting back will make him or her rely on the food you provide instead.

    Consider Contributing Factors
    Sometimes, pets don’t eat their food for reasons that don’t have anything to do with the meal on offer. If you’ve recently moved or added another pet or family member to the household, your pet may be too stressed to eat. He or she could also be anxious about eating if the food bowl is in a high traffic area. Try relocating the bowl and giving your pet some quiet time to eat, so he or she can relax and dig in with confidence.

    See the Vet
    Sudden changes in eating habits could indicate a medical problem, so make an appointment with the vet if your pet becomes picky. In some cases, an underlying food allergy or other medical issue could be to blame, and your vet may be able to recommend dietary changes that convince your pet to start eating again.

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  • Forget Last-Minute Store Trips with Our Food Delivery Service

    Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility, but you still have other things to deal with during your day to day life. If you’ve ever ended up in a panic after realizing that you’re out of pet food, you might need cat or dog food delivery services from EZ Petcare. Forget last-minute store trips and read ahead to learn about our food delivery service.

    It’s your job to feed your pets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. At EZ Pet Care, we’re happy to deliver dog or cat food to your home or your office. Even if you need your food frozen, gluten-free, or with another type of specialty, we’ve got you covered. We handle dry and canned dog and cat food as well as treats for your furry friends. When you use our delivery services, you’ll never have to worry about running out of pet food and making a last-minute trip to the store again.

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  • Helping Your Dog Maintain a Healthy Weight

    Pets love to eat, and if we left their bowls full all the time, they’d probably all be obese. Dog food delivery is a handy way to prevent your dog from putting on too many pounds, but there are other steps you can take as a pet owner as well. Watch this video on helping your dog maintain a healthy weight.

    Excess weight is bad for your dog’s health and can cause physical symptoms like aches and pains from bringing down the spine, and the fat that the dog carries is bad for his joints. Make sure you know what kind of pet food you’re giving your dog and go for regular walks. Dieting and exercise are both crucial to keeping your dog healthy.

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  • Questions to Ask Your Vet About Choosing Dog Food

    Selecting dog food for your pup is one of the most important choices you’ll make for his health. It’s also why you should look for a local dog food delivery service that carries only the best brands. Ignore TV ads and recommendations from friends. Your veterinarian is your go-to expert to consult about your dog’s nutritional needs. You might want to ask some of the following questions.

    How many calories does my dog need?
    Your vet will weigh your dog and ask some questions about his activity level to give you a customized recommendation regarding caloric requirements . Per day, most dogs need around 30 calories for each pound of body weight for weight maintenance. Small, active dogs may need a few extra calories per pound of body weight, and vice versa for large dogs. Pregnant dogs will also have special calorie and nutrition needs.

    Should I choose a brand labeled “holistic?”
    Pet parents often do choose food products labeled “holistic” and “natural” because it sounds like these foods are healthier. Unfortunately, these aren’t terms that are regulated, and so they hold little weight.

    Does it matter which company manufactures my dog’s food?
    It might matter. Not all companies have veterinary nutritionists on staff. Check your dog’s food for the company’s contact information, and don’t be shy about calling their office to ask if a veterinary nutritionist is on staff. You can also ask if this expert is available to answer your questions. In addition to this crucial staff member, the ideal pet food manufacturer has facilities in the U.S. The reason for this isn’t just national pride—it’s because other countries, like China, aren’t held to the same manufacturing standards.

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  • Dealing with Your Pet’s Special Dietary Needs

    Does your pet have food allergies? At EZ Pet Care, we provide Metro Pet premium cat and dog food delivery to simplify getting the right food for your furry friend. Read on for a few more tips on dealing with your 4-legged companion’s special dietary needs.

    Speak with Your Veterinarian
    One way to properly address your pet’s special dietary needs is to schedule a visit to her animal hospital. There, after your pet’s examination, you can speak with your veterinarian about what special dietary needs your pet may have. For example, if you have a senior cat or dog, then it may be time to switch to food that is formulated for older pets. Or, if your pet is allergic to ingredients like wheat, beef, or soy, then you can get some advice about what food brands may be ideal for your pet’s dietary needs.

    Seek Out Nutritional Pet Foods
    After speaking with your veterinarian, you may know what food brands are best suited for your pet’s special dietary needs. If so, then you can visit these brands online and learn where their products can be purchased. Some items you might be able to find at pet stores and others may need to be purchased online.

    Create a Pet Food System
    One of the struggles that some people face when their pet has special dietary needs is ensuring that their pet’s appropriate food is always on hand. For example, if you typically purchase your pet food online, then you may find yourself without the right food for your pet if you didn’t order a new package soon enough. For this reason, creating a system for ensuring that you always have your pet’s food available is a smart strategy. To do this, consider keeping an extra bag in rotation or scheduling automatic deliveries.

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  • How Many Treats Should Your Pet Get Per Day?

    Today, many dogs and cats are overweight or obese, a problem which can shorten their lifespan by putting them at a higher risk for weight-related diseases. Obesity in pets can be a result of a combination of causes, such as not getting enough exercise or being overfed. One contributor to overfeeding that many pet owners fail to take into consideration is treats.

    While the nutritional content of pet treats can vary greatly, all treats should be factored into your pet’s daily calorie consumption. For this reason, the number of treats you should feed your pet can depend on the treat’s calorie content, how much food you feed your pet, and how much exercise your pet gets. If you have questions about the right number of treats for your pet, then ask your veterinarian during your pet’s next checkup.

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  • Make Every Mealtime Count with Wellness

    When it comes to providing the best food for their pets, many people turn to cat and dog food delivery services so they can have the right recipe for their pet’s needs delivered to their door. Watch this video to learn about one pet food brand that is committed to your pet’s overall wellness.

    Wellness believes that mealtime means more than just a bowl of cat or dog food. After all, each serving provides a foundation for a healthier and happier life together for you and your pet. For this reason, Wellness crafts their recipes using carefully sourced and thoughtfully prepared ingredients that make it easy to make every mealtime count.

    If you’re looking for Wellness products or other healthy options for your pet, then contact EZ Pet Care at (888) 613-1320 for information about Metro Pet cat and dog food delivery in Dallas .

  • Ways to Enjoy More Convenience as a Pet Owner

    Have you ever taken advantage of pet food delivery, pet waste removal , or mobile pet grooming? If not, then keep reading to learn how these services can help you enjoy more convenience as a pet owner.

    Pet Food Delivery
    While many grocery stores offer a selection of dog and cat foods, many individuals are unable to find a suitable option for their pets. If you have to make regular trips to pet stores or specialty shops to find the right food for your furry companion, then you may benefit from looking into pet food delivery. This option allows many pet owners to find the right food for their pet, for example, in the form of grain-free, freeze-dried, or life stage varieties.

    Pet Waste Removal
    If you’re a dog owner, then you are no doubt familiar with the unpleasant chore of cleaning up after your pet. However, if you find that you don’t have the time or will to clean up after your dog as often as you would like, then consider taking advantage of a professional pet waste removal service. By scheduling yard cleanup in advance, you can avoid this dirty job but keep your yard clean and smelling fresh.

    Mobile Pet Grooming
    If you’re like many people, then your busy schedule prevents you from bringing your dog to the grooming salon as frequently as you would prefer. Luckily, there is a simple solution, and all it takes is one phone call. By scheduling a mobile pet grooming appointment, you can have a doggy salon show up right at your door. Schedule an appointment today so that Fido can get back to looking and smelling his best.

    At EZ Pet Care , we offer Metro Pet premium cat and dog food delivery, Pet Butler pet waste removal, and Pet Love mobile dog grooming so you can enjoy better convenience while caring for your companion animal. If you would like to find out more, call EZ Pet Care in Dallas at (888) 613-1320.

  • Are Food Allergies Affecting Your Pet?

    Food allergies are more common in pets than many people know, but the symptoms can be easy to overlook, since they can easily be explained away by other behaviors. If you suspect your pet has a food allergy, it’s important to see your vet as soon as possible for a diagnosis to improve your pet’s health and quality of life. Although your pet may need to follow a strict diet, using a cat and dog food delivery service can make getting the foods your pet needs easy and convenient. If you notice these symptoms in your pet, consider making an appointment with your vet:

    Chronic Itching
    If your pet is constantly itching, scratching, licking, and chewing, inflammation caused by food allergies could be to blame. You may also notice the effects of this behavior on your pet’s skin in the form of scabs, spots of blood, and other sign of irritation. Other kinds of allergens, such as soaps or pollen, can also cause this kind of skin reaction, so your vet may help you determine if your pet’s actions are caused by his or her food through some trial and error using different treatments and an elimination diet.

    Gastrointestinal Upset
    Food allergies can cause a range of different gastrointestinal symptoms in pets, including diarrhea, vomiting, and flatulence. Nausea can cause your pet to be lethargic and reluctant to engage in play. Because pets are prone to getting into things that they shouldn’t eat, a one-off episode of GI problems may not indicate a food allergy, but persistent issues could indicate an intolerance.

    Poor Growth
    For young pets, especially puppies, food allergies can lead to poor growth. Your vet may notice that your pet is not growing normally during regular checkups. You should also alert your vet if you are concerned about your pet losing weight or seeming to not grow as expected.

    Thanks to EZ Pet Care’s Metro Pet cat and dog food delivery in Dallas, getting the healthiest food for your animal is just a few clicks away. We bring the right food to your doorstep with free delivery, and our wide selection means we always have what your pet needs. Call us today at (888) 613-1320 to find out more.