• Why Pet Waste Removal Is Critical for Your Community

    It’s a privilege to be a dog parent, even though certain aspects of pet care are less than glamorous. Pet waste removal is probably not your idea of a fun activity, but it’s definitely essential. If it isn’t picked up promptly, dog feces pollutes the environment and endangers your property, family, and community. Plus, having an unclean yard discourages your family from enjoying the great outdoors.

    Pet waste pollutes groundwater and waterways.
    When it’s left on the ground, dog poop doesn’t necessarily stay there. The feces and all of the diseases it can harbor runs off into the groundwater and into streams, rivers, and lakes. This is a serious public safety problem. A single gram of dog feces contains about 23 million bacteria , according to Live Science, including E. coli, giardia, and salmonella. In fact, about 20% to 30% of all bacteria found in urban watersheds can be traced back to dog poop. When dog parents practice prompt pet waste removal, or hire a company to do it for them, they’re investing in a greener, healthier planet for generations to come.

    Bacteria from pet waste can pollute the air.
    It seems like common sense that dog feces could cause earth-bound pollution. But you may be surprised to learn that pet waste can even contaminate the air your family breathes. Pet waste can indeed become aerosolized. Research in urban areas indicates that one of the dominant forms of bacteria in the outdoor air can be traced directly to dog feces. Plus, dog waste can take a long time to break down. Depending on the climate, it may take up to a year to break down. During that time, it’ll continue polluting the air. And long after it’s gone, the bacteria will remain.

    If you’re spending too much time cleaning up after your pet, and not enough time enjoying your pet’s company, give EZ Pet Care a call! With our dog poop service available in Dallas, we’ll drive out to your home, clean up your yard, and apply yard deodorizer to keep your property looking great. Call us at (888) 613-1320.

  • What Is Included in a Grooming Session?

    Pets are pretty good at getting dirty. Cats enjoy flopping around in the dirt, and dogs will happily trot through muddy puddles. Keeping your pets clean can be hard work, so let us do it for you! EZ Pet Care will come to your home with our mobile pet grooming equipment. We offer a comprehensive grooming package to get your pet looking his or her best.

    By the time we’re done with a dog grooming session, your beloved pet will have had a relaxing bath with heated water, followed by a fluff dry and thorough brushing. Then, we’ll give your pet a haircut, clean his or her ears, and add some pet-safe spray cologne for an extra fresh scent. Our mobile pet grooming session also includes a nail trim. We’ll even brush your pet’s teeth to help prevent gum disease and tooth decay!

    Professional pet grooming in Dallas is just a phone call away. Call EZ Pet Care at (888) 613-1320 to request an appointment for your animal companion.

  • Experience the Convenience of Mobile Pet Grooming

    You need to make time for pet grooming, so your dog or cat can stay healthy and happy, but what happens if you can’t fit it into your schedule? With mobile pet grooming services, you can leave the travel up to the professionals. Read ahead and experience the convenience of mobile pet grooming.

    If you don’t take care of your pets, their fur can become matted and uncomfortable, and you’ll increase their risk for ticks and health conditions. Mobile pet grooming ensures that your pets are bathed and brushed, and they can even have a haircut. Their oral health is important as well, so teeth brushing is another useful service. Trimming your pets’ nails and cleaning their ears will make life easier for everyone and protect your flooring and furniture. All this can happen at your house while you tend to other responsibilities.

    Pet grooming in Dallas has never been easier thanks to the mobile services we offer at EZ Petcare. Cat and dog grooming makes your pets more comfortable and healthy, which makes them love you even more. Give us a call at (888) 613-1320 if you’re interested in our mobile pet grooming services.

  • Forget Last-Minute Store Trips with Our Food Delivery Service

    Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility, but you still have other things to deal with during your day to day life. If you’ve ever ended up in a panic after realizing that you’re out of pet food, you might need cat or dog food delivery services from EZ Petcare. Forget last-minute store trips and read ahead to learn about our food delivery service.

    It’s your job to feed your pets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. At EZ Pet Care, we’re happy to deliver dog or cat food to your home or your office. Even if you need your food frozen, gluten-free, or with another type of specialty, we’ve got you covered. We handle dry and canned dog and cat food as well as treats for your furry friends. When you use our delivery services, you’ll never have to worry about running out of pet food and making a last-minute trip to the store again.

    Call EZ Pet Care at (888) 613-1320 if you think cat or dog food delivery in Dallas can help you. We also offer pet waste removal and dog grooming services, which you can learn more about by visiting our website.

  • The Link Between Pet Waste and Pests

    Nobody likes that squishy feeling that happens when you step on a landmine that your dog left behind last time he was in the yard. What’s worse is that droppings can also attract pests to the area if you don’t stick to your pet waste removal schedule. Keep reading and learn about the link between pet waste and pests.

    Just the sight of dog droppings on your lawn may be enough to get you to call for pet waste removal because of the effect it can have on your property’s aesthetics. Although while we see pet waste as an eyesore, rats see something very different. Rats can ignore the stench and the toxins that drive humans away and become attracted to the proteins, fats, and minerals that can also be found in dog droppings. To make matters worse, rats have an extremely strong sense of smell and will make a beeline right for your yard when they catch a whiff. They’ll also bring diseases like worms, salmonella, and typhus with them, and they may attract other pests as well.

    Like rats, snakes also have an impressive sense of smell. That’s bad news if you have rats in your yard, because rats tend to be snakes’ meal of choice. They can detect their prey from vast distances, causing a chain reaction of pests in your yard.

    Though they don’t fall into the rat and snake dynamic, bugs are also attracted to pet waste. Ticks and mosquitos can get nutrients out of dog droppings, and in some cases, they’ll drop their eggs inside them to feed and hatch. Then these bugs attract even more predatory bugs.

    Professional pet waste removal in Dallas gets your pet waste off of your property and keeps pests away. EZ Pet Care specializes in pet waste management and dog food delivery, so check out our website or call our offices at (888) 613-1320 if you have any questions.

  • Why Cleaning Your Pet’s Waste is a Bad Chore for Your Kids

    There’s no question that children benefit from contributing to the household. Common chores include feeding the pets, emptying the dishwasher, and sweeping the floor. However, although you might think this particular task can help build character, it’s best to avoid having your kids clean up waste. Pet waste removal can be hazardous for humans and the environment if it isn’t done properly, and the health of your kids is more important than teaching them a life lesson.

    Pet waste carries diseases and parasites.

    Most kids are blissfully unaware of their own vulnerabilities. Even with a dozen lessons on how to stay safe while scooping up pet waste, your kids might not follow your precautions every time. Young kids also tend to not scrub their hands thoroughly. Both of these problems may lead to a serious illness, as dog feces are notorious for carrying diseases and parasites. Your dog’s waste can harbor any of the following:

    • Salmonella
    • Parvovirus
    • E. coli
    • Giardia
    • Roundworms
    • Coliform bacteria
    • Hookworms
    • Tapeworms
    • Threadworms
    • Campylobacteriosis
    • Coccidian

    Dog waste is toxic to lawns.
    Even the most responsible kids can drag their feet on their chores from time to time. How many times have you heard, “I’ll clean my room later,” only to find that “later” never arrives? The longer pet waste is left on your lawn, the more likely it is that you’ll have to ask the landscaping company to bring over some sod. Not to mention the fact that pet waste left on the lawn is smelly and unsightly, and it’s possible to inadvertently step in it.

    Neglected waste is harmful for the environment.
    If your children fail to pick up the poop before it rains, then your dog will be contributing to environmental pollution. Each time it rains, the poop, and all of its parasites and bacteria, get washed away into drainage systems. From there, it can contaminate nearby waterways like lakes and rivers.

    The prompt cleanup of dog feces is essential, but many families simply can’t keep up with all of that poop. Call EZ Pet Care at (888) 613-1320 to deal with it for you. We’re a leading pet waste removal service in Dallas, and we also offer dog food delivery and mobile pet grooming!

  • 3 Consequences of Falling Behind on Your Pet’s Grooming Schedule

    From brushing and bathing to teeth cleaning and nail trimming, there can be a lot that goes into keeping your pet neat and trim. Continue reading to learn about 3 of the potential consequences of falling behind on your pet grooming schedule.

    1. Matted Fur
    Depending on the type of dog you have, he may shed in large amounts once or twice per year, or he may shed a steady amount from month to month. Either way, brushing and bathing can be essential for protecting your canine from mats that develop when loose fur gets trapped in his coat. A consistent grooming schedule that involves bathing and brushing may be important for cats, as well, because felines that are overweight often struggle to groom their entire body. When this problem happens, cats can develop matted hair and dirty skin, so professional grooming appointments can often benefit these pets, too.

    2. Dental Disease
    Periodontal disease is a common problem in cats and dogs, and one that often goes unnoticed by pet owners. Dental issues can be painful for pets and lead to bone loss and tooth loss, and it can also increase their risk of associated health problems. When you fall behind on your cat or dog’s teeth brushing routine, this may promote the development of tartar and periodontal disease, highlighting the value of consistent pet grooming.

    3. Overgrown Nails
    For many dogs, regular nail trims are an important component of their grooming routine. The reason for this is that when dogs spend most of their time indoors, this can prevent their nails from wearing down as they would naturally. Then, as the nails grow longer than they should, they can make walking painful for your pooch. Also, long pet nails may be more likely to get caught in things and scratch hardwood floors. For these reasons, both you and your canine can benefit from scheduling regular grooming sessions and pet nail trims.

    EZ Pet Care in Dallas is a one-stop solution for pet owners. To book your Pet Love grooming appointment, give us a call at (888) 613-1320.

  • How Many Treats Should Your Pet Get Per Day?

    Today, many dogs and cats are overweight or obese, a problem which can shorten their lifespan by putting them at a higher risk for weight-related diseases. Obesity in pets can be a result of a combination of causes, such as not getting enough exercise or being overfed. One contributor to overfeeding that many pet owners fail to take into consideration is treats.

    While the nutritional content of pet treats can vary greatly, all treats should be factored into your pet’s daily calorie consumption. For this reason, the number of treats you should feed your pet can depend on the treat’s calorie content, how much food you feed your pet, and how much exercise your pet gets. If you have questions about the right number of treats for your pet, then ask your veterinarian during your pet’s next checkup.

    If you’re looking for healthy, high-quality treats for your pet, then EZ Pet Care in Dallas can help. For information about our Metro Pet cat and dog food delivery services , call (888) 613-1320.

  • How to Convince Your Picky Pup to Eat Up

    While some canines practically inhale their food, others seem disinterested in eating altogether. If your pet is a picky eater, then watch this video for tips on convincing your pup to eat his dog food.

    You can try pouring unsalted chicken broth over your pet’s kibble to give it more moisture and flavor, but keep in mind that even unsalted versions may contain a significant amount of sodium. If that doesn’t work, then add a little peanut butter or canned pumpkin to your dog’s dry food. Finally, if your pet isn’t sensitive to dairy, try sprinkling some shredded cheese over his kibble.

    If you’re looking for something new to entice your canine, then EZ Pet Care in Dallas may be able to help. Please call (888) 613-1320 for information about our Metro Pet premium dog food delivery service.

  • Reclaim Your Backyard with Our Pooper Scooper Service

    Now that fall has arrived, many people in the Dallas area are migrating outdoors to enjoy the pleasant weather. If you’re like others who are looking forward to spending more time outside this season, but your lawn is littered with droppings from your canine companions, then consider reclaiming your yard by taking advantage of Pet Butler dog poop services!

    When you schedule Pet Butler poop scoop services for your property, you can look forward to enjoying a professionally cleaned yard that is free of feces. This strategy offers busy homeowners a smart way to maintain a clean lawn when they don’t have time for regular cleanup. Also, it helps ensure that your yard will be a welcoming place for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy this fall.

    EZ Pet Care in Dallas offers Pet Butler dog poop service to help homeowners enjoy feces-free yards. To schedule your appointment, please call (888) 613-1320.