Your Dog and the Risks of Untrimmed Nails

The friction caused by running on hard surfaces can help wear down a dog’s nails, but many dogs primarily run on soft surfaces such as lawns. This encourages a dog’s nails to grow past a comfortable length. Your pet’s nail trims are important for many reasons, like preventing scratches on your wood floors. But they’re also a critical component of your dog’s overall wellness. Untrimmed toenails can cause serious health problems. To keep your dog healthy and happy, you can schedule mobile pet grooming on a regular basis. The professional groomer will trim your dog’s nails and keep his or her coat clean.

How Long Nails Cause Discomfort
Nails that are too long will be in constant contact with the ground. The pressure exerted on the nails will be, at the very least, uncomfortable for your dog. It can even become painful as the nails continue to grow.

How Unintended Removal May Occur
There’s another serious health risk of untrimmed nails: unintended removal. A very long nail is more likely to get caught on carpeting or your own clothing when you pick up your dog. The result can be a nail that’s been ripped out of the paw. This is a painful situation for your dog, and it definitely requires an emergency trip to the veterinarian. The vet may need to remove any remnants of the nail so that it can heal and regrow properly. Your dog will also need pain medication, and the injury will need to be cleaned and bandaged. There is a risk of infection from these injuries.

How Long Nails Cause Deformities
In severe cases, very long nails can cause permanent deformities in your dog. When pressure is exerted into the nail bed on a long-term basis, the dog’s foreleg joints may become misaligned and the tendons will sustain injury. The foot will look splayed and flattened. This deformity is irreversible.

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