How Can I Train My Dog to Eliminate in a Designated Area?

Dealing pet waste is one of the less glamorous parts of being a dog owner, but teaching your dog to eliminate in one area can make the task a lot easier. Add pet waste removal services from EZ Pet Care, and keeping your outdoor area clean and safe for your dog and your family can be much easier than you may think. These steps will help you train your dog to eliminate in a specifically designated area.

Prep the Area
When you’ve decided where you want your dog to eliminate, make sure that area is set up for success. Clear away any other distractions, and make sure it is as clean as possible. Choose a spot that is away from anything that is sure to get your dog’s attention. For example, don’t pick a spot that gives your dog a clear view into the neighbor’s yard, as he or she may be too engrossed in watching that space to focus on going to the bathroom. A quiet, clean area is the best spot.

It will take some time for your dog to get used to the area, especially if he or she is already housebroken and is now learning a different process for going to the bathroom. Bring your dog to the chosen spot and use a command, such as, “go potty.” Keep your dog there until he or she eliminates. After he or she is done, offer a treat. Do this multiple times per day and after each meal.

Correct Mistakes
Keep an eye on your dog’s body language and guide him or her to the appropriate spot if you think he or she is about to eliminate. If your dog does go outside of the chosen spot, simply clean it up and repeat the training steps until it becomes second nature to your dog.

Keeping your outdoor area clean from pet waste is important for the health of your family and pets. EZ Pet Care can handle pet cleanup for you with waste removal on your schedule. Make an appointment for pet waste removal in Dallas by calling (888) 613-1320.

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