• How to Tell If Your Dog Has Fleas

    Itchy flea bites can make your dog miserable. And they can easily infest the rest of your home and family. You can keep your dog flea-free with mobile pet grooming services and flea prevention products recommended by your veterinarian. If you do notice any potential signs of a flea infestation, give your dog a bath right away.

    Since fleas are only about three millimeters long, you may need to rely on indirect signs to determine whether your dog is infested. Your suspicions might be raised if you notice your dog scratching, licking, or biting excessively at the skin and fur. Fleas like to bite dogs in the head, neck, tail, groin, and armpit areas.

    Skin and Fur
    Some dogs display fur loss in response to fleas. Occasionally, this is caused by a reaction to the fleas themselves. But often, it occurs because the dog scratches, bites, and licks the area excessively. Take a closer look at your dog’s skin, particularly in the groin and belly areas. Look for red, pimple-like bumps. These may be flea bites. Without treatment, the red bumps may turn into crusty, infected lesions.

    Flea Dirt
    Flea dirt is a polite term for flea feces. One way to tell if your dog has fleas is to wear bright white socks and walk through your home. Scuff your feet in areas where your dog likes to nap. Then, take off your socks and examine them for flea dirt. It will look like very small, black specks. Sprinkle some water on any black specks you find. If the specks turn a dark reddish color, they are flea dirt. Another method is to use a flea comb. Have your dog stand on a white towel. Place a bowl of soapy water nearby and comb your dog. You might see flea dirt accumulate on the comb and the towel. If you see any live fleas on the comb, you can drown them in the bowl of water.

    There’s an easy way to keep your beloved dog clean and free of fleas—mobile pet grooming by EZ Pet Care. Our pet grooming experts in Dallas will arrive at your door with everything needed to bathe your pup in our self-contained, mobile unit. Just call (888) 613-1320 to request an appointment and let us handle the rest!

  • Selecting a Haircut Style for Long-Haired Dogs

    Some breeds of long-haired dogs, like retrievers, will grow fur to a maximum length. Other breeds have fur that just keeps on growing, like poodles. Both types need regular pet grooming to keep the coat healthy and tangle-free. If you aren’t sure which type of haircut to select for your dog, consider asking the groomer for a style that’s aligned with the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standards. The AKC breed standards were developed to enhance the natural beauty and evolutionary features of each breed.

    The Puppy Cut
    The puppy cut is an adorable hairstyle that works well on long-haired dogs of all ages. If you request the puppy cut, the groomer will trim the fur shorter around the head, tail, and feet. The rest of the fur is only lightly trimmed, but still shaped to flatter the dog’s body.

    The Lion Cut
    The lion cut is as wild as the puppy cut is tame. As the name implies, the lion cut features a dramatic “mane” of fur around the head and neck. The groomer will also leave poufs of fur just above the feet and at the tip of the tail. The rest of the body is shaved fairly close to the skin. The lion cut is ideal for long-haired dogs that have very dense coats. Portuguese water dogs, Löwchens, poodles, and Pomeranians can all pull off this bold hairstyle.

    The Westie Cut
    The Westie cut is indeed traditional for West Highland terriers, but other breeds can have it too. The groomer will thin the undercoat with a stripping comb. The fur on the shoulders and back is trimmed to about two inches in length, and the leg fur is left about four inches long. The fur on the body blends into a “skirt,” and the fur on the head is trimmed so that it frames the face.

    It isn’t easy to keep a long-haired dog’s coat under control, but EZ Pet Care makes grooming hassle-free with our mobile pet grooming services in Dallas. Our professionals will come right to your door to bathe and style your pet within our self-contained grooming salon. Call a friendly staff member at (888) 613-1320 if you’d like to schedule a dog grooming appointment at your home.