Decoding the Meanings of Your Dog’s Stomach Noises

Devoted puppy parents pay close attention to every aspect of their pet’s health. You’ll undoubtedly hear your dog’s stomach make some odd noises from time to time. In most cases, this is perfectly normal. Your dog’s stomach will likely be the loudest right before mealtimes and after eating his or her favorite dog food . Here’s a closer look at what those noises mean.

Hunger Signals
The muscles around your dog’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract routinely contract, even when the stomach is empty. As the GI tract moves, it produces some rumbling noises—just like those in a hungry human. Your dog’s stomach will grumble more loudly when it’s hungry than when it’s digesting dog food. You’ll probably hear it the clearest first thing in the morning before breakfast.

Digestion Noises
The GI tract gets even busier when food is moving through it. The muscles contract, and food gets broken down and converted to energy. All that movement produces stomach noises, although these tend to be a little quieter than the sounds that indicate your dog is hungry. Digestion noises can be louder when a dog has more gas than usual, or when a dog wolfs down the food quickly after having an empty stomach.

Ingested Air
Speaking of wolfing down dog food, eating too quickly can cause dogs to ingest more air than usual. This increases gas activity in the GI tract, which can cause the noticeable stomach noises. It can also cause your dog to burp. If your dog seems to be eating too quickly , there are a few tricks you can try. Look for a “slow feeder” dog bowl or a food puzzle. These allow the food to settle into nooks and crannies. Your dog will still be able to get the food, but it’ll take longer.

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