Helping Your Dog Deal with Stomach Upset

Dogs are prone to occasional stomach upset for many different reasons. Although persistent stomach issues should be addressed with your vet, it is often possible to treat stomach upset at home. Try these pet care tricks if your dog has an upset stomach.

Withhold Food
Sometimes, doing nothing is the most effective way to treat a dog’s upset stomach. To avoid exacerbating it, withhold food for a period of time while your pup’s stomach settles. It’s generally safe to withhold food from your dog for between 12 and 24 hours, during which time his or her stomach may return to normal. Chances are that you’ll be more aware that your dog is not eating than he or she is. Remove his or her water during this time as well, but provide ice cubes or chips every few hours to keep him or her hydrated.

Try Canned Pumpkin
Canned pumpkin is a good food to feed your dog while he or she suffers from indigestion. Thanks to a low glycemic index, it absorbs slowly, so it provides your dog with sustenance without making the stomach upset worse. Try about half a teaspoon for a small dog or a tablespoon for a larger dog. You can also add a small sprinkle of ginger to soothe tummy upset much in the same way ginger ale does for humans.

Know When to Call the Vet
Call the vet if your dog’s stomach doesn’t seem to be getting better within 48 hours. Consider calling the vet sooner if you notice blood in your pet’s stool or vomit or if the symptoms seem to be getting worse. You should also seek immediate care if your dog collapses, if you see that your dog has a bloated stomach, or if you suspect that he or she may have eaten something dangerous.

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