Training Your Pet to Eat Fewer Treats

When pets plead with you for treats, it’s hard to say no. However, giving your pet too many treats can lead to unhealthy weight gain. If you’ve fallen into the habit of giving your pet too many treats, it is possible to break the cycle. Start by making sure the food you get in your pet food delivery provides your pet with the nutrition he or she needs to stay full. These tips will also help.

When your pet is begging for a treat, give him or her attention instead of food. A short burst of play or a walk can be a satisfactory replacement for treats. Substitute some of your usual treats for healthier options that are safe for your pet. For example, dogs can eat carrots, green beans, and apples for fewer calories than most dog treats. When you do feed treats, make sure you account for them in your pet’s overall calorie count.

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