Signs That Your Dog Needs a Grooming Appointment

Grooming makes your dog look his or her best, but in addition to improving your pet’s appearance, it is also important for his or her health. In the hectic schedule of everyday life, it’s easy to overlook your dog’s grooming needs, but if you pay attention, you’ll see the signs that he or she is due for an appointment. If you notice any of these indicators, make an appointment for pet grooming today.

Matted Fur
When fur gets matted, it becomes a breeding ground for pests, dirt, and other debris, which can cause skin infections and spread bacteria round your home. Matted fur can also be extremely painful for your pup, as it tugs on his or her skin and causes discomfort as he or she tries to self-groom. The longer matts are allowed to stay around, the more tangled they can become, which can make grooming uncomfortable. If you see matted fur, act quickly to arrange pet grooming before it can become worse.

Long Nails
Long nails are an issue for both you and your pet. When your pet’s nails are untrimmed, they can scratch you, your furniture, your clothes, and your flooring. Long nails can make it uncomfortable for your pet to walk. When you notice that your pet’s nails are growing, it’s time for grooming.

Irritated Skin
As dirt and debris build up on your dog’s skin, you’ll notice he or she starts to scratch and chew more frequently. You may even notice dry, irritated skin. This can be a sign that your dog is ready for a bath to remove the irritants and relieve the inflamed skin. During a grooming appointment, the groomer will also inspect your dog’s skin for signs of fleas and ticks, so you can take action if your pet has an issue.

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