Picking the Right Food for Aging Cats

As your cat gets older, he or she may need some dietary changes to stay healthy. After the age of seven, it’s common for cats to develop health issues that necessitate a dietary change, but even in the absence of health problems, tweaking your senior cat’s nutrition can be an important part of helping him or her age well. With pet food delivery , switching your cat’s food is a seamless and convenient process. As you select food for your aging cat, keep these factors in mind.

Is your cat’s weight healthy?
Being overweight can be as unhealthy for pets as it is for humans. For aging cats, being overweight can be even more dangerous and lead to serious health problems. If your cat is overweight, switching foods may help. Talk to your vet about appropriate choices and if a low-calorie diet might be appropriate. To reduce your cat’s calories, choose a food that has a minimal amount of fillers, so that your cat gets complete nutrition from a smaller amount of food.

Does your cat prefer wet or dry food?
Contrary to popular belief, wet food is not a health disaster for your cat. In fact, it can help with weight control, since people tend to feed less wet food per serving than dry food, and it’s a good choice for aging cats with weakened teeth. Each kind of food has its pros and cons, but they can both be healthy. Feeding your cat according to his or her preference can make it easier to ensure that he or she is getting adequate nutrients.

Is your cat having digestive issues?
Aging cats frequently develop digestive issues, which you may notice by the presence of loose stools in the litter box. Consult with your vet if you think your cat has digestive problems, and consider switching to a more easily digested food.

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