What to Do When Your Pet Is a Picky Eater

Pets have a reputation for being constantly on the hunt for food, but in reality, some pets are picky eaters. If your pet is more likely to ignore a bowl of food than to dig in, getting to the root of the problem is important. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as changing your cat or dog food delivery to another brand. Take these steps if you have a pet who is a picky eater.

Get Real About How Much Your Pet Is Eating
Your pet may not rush to the food bowl, but is he or she actually getting plenty of food throughout the day? If you frequently give your pet treats and table scraps, he or she may not be hungry or may just be holding out for something better. Try to quit the extras, even if your pet begs, to see if cutting back will make him or her rely on the food you provide instead.

Consider Contributing Factors
Sometimes, pets don’t eat their food for reasons that don’t have anything to do with the meal on offer. If you’ve recently moved or added another pet or family member to the household, your pet may be too stressed to eat. He or she could also be anxious about eating if the food bowl is in a high traffic area. Try relocating the bowl and giving your pet some quiet time to eat, so he or she can relax and dig in with confidence.

See the Vet
Sudden changes in eating habits could indicate a medical problem, so make an appointment with the vet if your pet becomes picky. In some cases, an underlying food allergy or other medical issue could be to blame, and your vet may be able to recommend dietary changes that convince your pet to start eating again.

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