• What to Do When Your Pet Is a Picky Eater

    Pets have a reputation for being constantly on the hunt for food, but in reality, some pets are picky eaters. If your pet is more likely to ignore a bowl of food than to dig in, getting to the root of the problem is important. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as changing your cat or dog food delivery to another brand. Take these steps if you have a pet who is a picky eater.

    Get Real About How Much Your Pet Is Eating
    Your pet may not rush to the food bowl, but is he or she actually getting plenty of food throughout the day? If you frequently give your pet treats and table scraps, he or she may not be hungry or may just be holding out for something better. Try to quit the extras, even if your pet begs, to see if cutting back will make him or her rely on the food you provide instead.

    Consider Contributing Factors
    Sometimes, pets don’t eat their food for reasons that don’t have anything to do with the meal on offer. If you’ve recently moved or added another pet or family member to the household, your pet may be too stressed to eat. He or she could also be anxious about eating if the food bowl is in a high traffic area. Try relocating the bowl and giving your pet some quiet time to eat, so he or she can relax and dig in with confidence.

    See the Vet
    Sudden changes in eating habits could indicate a medical problem, so make an appointment with the vet if your pet becomes picky. In some cases, an underlying food allergy or other medical issue could be to blame, and your vet may be able to recommend dietary changes that convince your pet to start eating again.

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  • How to Protect Your Pet From Summer Heat

    Hot temperatures can be just as dangerous for your pet as they can be for you, but your pet can’t do anything to protect itself. Just as pet grooming and pet waste removal fall to you, protecting your pet from the summer heat is your job as a pet owner.

    Watch this video to learn more about keeping your pet safe from hot temperatures. Pets pant to cool down and get moisture out of their lungs, and humidity stops them from doing so, so limit their outdoor time in the summer. Your pet may also need to wear a waterproof sunscreen to prevent burns.

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  • Why Professional Grooming Is Important

    Grooming is essential to your pet’s well-being. Without regular grooming services, your pet will feel uncomfortable and become vulnerable to skin infections and other issues. Fitting regular appointments into your schedule can be a challenge, but mobile pet grooming makes it convenient to ensure that your pet gets the attention he or she needs.

    Although you may feel comfortable giving your pet a bath, professional grooming is about more than shampooing. During a professional grooming session, your pet’s fur will be trimmed and detangled and his or her nails will be trimmed. The groomer will look for signs of skin infections and fleas and ticks, and his or her ears and teeth will be cleaned. Professional grooming makes your pet comfortable and keeps pests, dirt, and debris out of your home.

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  • How IBS Is Treated in Cats

    Being a pet owner isn’t always glamorous, and you’ll have to deal with things like pet cleanup and trips to the vet in return for your furry friend’s undying love and affection. Look at this video and find out how IBS is treated in cats.

    In the cat world, IBS is really IBD, or inflammatory bowel disease. This disease can occur for several reasons, including food allergies and bacteria. The cause of the disease determines how treatment will go. Switching to hypoallergenic foods can help if the IBD is caused by a food allergy, antibiotics are used if the problem stems from bacteria, and antiparasitic medication may deal with parasites.

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