Getting Real About the Dangers of Dog Waste

Many people are under the false impression that dealing with pet cleanup isn’t that big of a deal, and some even think leaving dog poop where it is can be beneficial. It turns out that dog waste is actually dangerous despite the prevalent rumors, myths, and misconceptions, so work with a dog poop service and keep your pet’s waste under control. Let’s get real about the dangers of dog waste.

The Big Deal
The problem with leaving dog waste on the ground is that it contains bacteria and parasites that can lead to health conditions in both humans and animals. It also poisons grass and causes pollution in waterways. If your dog is exposed to another dog’s feces containing worm eggs, he could come home with worms. Dog waste can also contain Leptospira, E. coli, and roundworms, which affect a significant number of Americans and their pets.

The Misconceptions
Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking they should treat dog poop like cow manure, so they think it’s helpful to leave dog waste on the lawn. Unfortunately, dog waste is not like cow manure, and it’s not a fertilizer. This is because dogs and cows have very different diets. While cow waste fertilizes soil and helps grass grow, dog waste has the opposite effect.

The Solution
To limit the dangers of dog waste, you have to clean it up. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done. You can flush dog waste down the toilet, but the same doesn’t necessarily apply for cats. If you don’t have the time or the ability to pick up after your dog promptly, call a pet waste management service for help so you can protect your dog and other animals that might be exposed to the feces.

Now that you know how important pet waste management is , look into a dog poop cleanup service in Dallas to take care of yours. EZ Petcare would be happy to help with pet waste removal and mobile pet grooming, so browse through our website or call us at (888) 613-1320.

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