Cat Food 101

A healthy cat is a happy one, and it’s your job to ensure your cat’s health by feeding him the right food. Cat and dog food delivery services make it easier to keep your pets full even with your busy schedule, but first you should know what’s best for them to eat. The food labels should tell you what you need to know, and it helps to switch between different types of food to find the right choice in each stage of life.

Understanding a Cat’s Diet
Cats need certain ingredients in their diets to be as healthy as possible. Feline diets should include the amino acid taurine as well as protein, which should come from meats like fish, or poultry. Cats should also have plenty of access to fresh water, and they’ll need a handful of other enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in addition. Keep in mind that a kitten doesn’t have the same dietary needs as a fully-grown cat, so remember to adjust the type of food and the frequency of feeding as your cat gets older.

Looking at the Label
You can learn a lot about the food you offer your cat when you read the label on the bag, box, or can. Labels that say “meat” rather than identifying the type of meat used might not be as trustworthy. Always look at the expiration date before you make a purchase, as expired food can be harmful to your cat. The label will also tell you whether there are chemical preservatives, byproducts, or too many carbohydrate fillers in the product.

Dry Versus Canned
Canned and dry foods offer different benefits, so a well-rounded diet may include both. The same exact routine every day might be boring for your cat, causing her to stop eating. On the other hand, some cats get addicted to the same food if they don’t get a balance of both kibble and cans.

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