• Getting Real About the Dangers of Dog Waste

    Many people are under the false impression that dealing with pet cleanup isn’t that big of a deal, and some even think leaving dog poop where it is can be beneficial. It turns out that dog waste is actually dangerous despite the prevalent rumors, myths, and misconceptions, so work with a dog poop service and keep your pet’s waste under control. Let’s get real about the dangers of dog waste.

    The Big Deal
    The problem with leaving dog waste on the ground is that it contains bacteria and parasites that can lead to health conditions in both humans and animals. It also poisons grass and causes pollution in waterways. If your dog is exposed to another dog’s feces containing worm eggs, he could come home with worms. Dog waste can also contain Leptospira, E. coli, and roundworms, which affect a significant number of Americans and their pets.

    The Misconceptions
    Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking they should treat dog poop like cow manure, so they think it’s helpful to leave dog waste on the lawn. Unfortunately, dog waste is not like cow manure, and it’s not a fertilizer. This is because dogs and cows have very different diets. While cow waste fertilizes soil and helps grass grow, dog waste has the opposite effect.

    The Solution
    To limit the dangers of dog waste, you have to clean it up. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done. You can flush dog waste down the toilet, but the same doesn’t necessarily apply for cats. If you don’t have the time or the ability to pick up after your dog promptly, call a pet waste management service for help so you can protect your dog and other animals that might be exposed to the feces.

    Now that you know how important pet waste management is , look into a dog poop cleanup service in Dallas to take care of yours. EZ Petcare would be happy to help with pet waste removal and mobile pet grooming, so browse through our website or call us at (888) 613-1320.

  • Experience the Convenience of Mobile Pet Grooming

    You need to make time for pet grooming, so your dog or cat can stay healthy and happy, but what happens if you can’t fit it into your schedule? With mobile pet grooming services, you can leave the travel up to the professionals. Read ahead and experience the convenience of mobile pet grooming.

    If you don’t take care of your pets, their fur can become matted and uncomfortable, and you’ll increase their risk for ticks and health conditions. Mobile pet grooming ensures that your pets are bathed and brushed, and they can even have a haircut. Their oral health is important as well, so teeth brushing is another useful service. Trimming your pets’ nails and cleaning their ears will make life easier for everyone and protect your flooring and furniture. All this can happen at your house while you tend to other responsibilities.

    Pet grooming in Dallas has never been easier thanks to the mobile services we offer at EZ Petcare. Cat and dog grooming makes your pets more comfortable and healthy, which makes them love you even more. Give us a call at (888) 613-1320 if you’re interested in our mobile pet grooming services.

  • Cat Food 101

    A healthy cat is a happy one, and it’s your job to ensure your cat’s health by feeding him the right food. Cat and dog food delivery services make it easier to keep your pets full even with your busy schedule, but first you should know what’s best for them to eat. The food labels should tell you what you need to know, and it helps to switch between different types of food to find the right choice in each stage of life.

    Understanding a Cat’s Diet
    Cats need certain ingredients in their diets to be as healthy as possible. Feline diets should include the amino acid taurine as well as protein, which should come from meats like fish, or poultry. Cats should also have plenty of access to fresh water, and they’ll need a handful of other enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in addition. Keep in mind that a kitten doesn’t have the same dietary needs as a fully-grown cat, so remember to adjust the type of food and the frequency of feeding as your cat gets older.

    Looking at the Label
    You can learn a lot about the food you offer your cat when you read the label on the bag, box, or can. Labels that say “meat” rather than identifying the type of meat used might not be as trustworthy. Always look at the expiration date before you make a purchase, as expired food can be harmful to your cat. The label will also tell you whether there are chemical preservatives, byproducts, or too many carbohydrate fillers in the product.

    Dry Versus Canned
    Canned and dry foods offer different benefits, so a well-rounded diet may include both. The same exact routine every day might be boring for your cat, causing her to stop eating. On the other hand, some cats get addicted to the same food if they don’t get a balance of both kibble and cans.

    Does cat or dog food delivery in Dallas sound like something you could use? Call the crew at EZ Petcare at (888) 613-1320 to talk about your options. We also handle dog grooming and pet cleanup to keep your pets happy and healthy.

  • Why Grooming Is Good for Your Dog’s Health

    You might be uncomfortable and even unhealthy if you go too long without showering, so imagine what your dog must feel like if he doesn’t get enough pet grooming attention. Shorter hair and nails makes the dog more comfortable, and grooming protects him from fleas and improves his oral health as well. Here’s more on why grooming is good for your dog’s health.

    Shorter Hair
    Certain species of dogs are known for their long hair, but at a certain point long hair can get in the way. It’s more prone to shedding, which means the owner will have to clean the house a bit more thoroughly, but it’s also bad for the dog’s health. Hair that hangs in front of the dog’s eyes can make it difficult to see where they’re going, which can be aggravating for the animal. Without regular pet grooming, the hair can also become matted and weigh the dog down. Matting also contributes to uncomfortable skin conditions that affect blood flow and even body movement.

    Lower Risk of Fleas
    When your dog’s hair is long and matted, it’s also harder to inspect your pup for fleas and other invasive pests. Along with ticks and mites, fleas can latch onto your dog’s hair and work their way to the skin. Once they bite, they can transmit diseases that may even be fatal. When your pet grooming professional helps you take care of your dog, you won’t have to worry so much about this threat.

    Improved Oral Health
    One part of pet grooming that many pet owners forget about is oral health. Brushing your dog’s teeth reduces his risk of developing dental diseases that can ultimately result in anything from bad breath and tooth loss to organ damage. Just like humans, dogs need to have their teeth taken care of.

    The animal experts at EZ Pet Care offer pet grooming in Dallas so your dog stays happy and healthy throughout his whole life. Dog grooming is helpful for animals as well as their owners, so give us a call at (888) 613-1320 today.