How Dog Waste Can Cause Rodent Infestations

Dealing with pet waste removal is not any dog owner’s favorite job, but ignoring dog feces is not an option. In addition to the diseases that pet waste can carry—and the annoyance of stepping in it on your way out the door—dog waste can attract unwelcome visitors to your home: rodents. Dog waste is nearly irresistible to rodents, so ignoring the waste can have serious consequences.

Dog waste is one of the top food sources for rats. Because they can smell even better than dogs, having even a small amount of dog feces in your yard can attract rats from far away. Once they are in your yard, they can make their way into your home through cracks as small as a quarter. Of course, rats attract their natural predators: snakes. When dog waste attracts rats, snakes follow in pursuit of the rats.

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