• Forget Last-Minute Store Trips with Our Food Delivery Service

    Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility, but you still have other things to deal with during your day to day life. If you’ve ever ended up in a panic after realizing that you’re out of pet food, you might need cat or dog food delivery services from EZ Petcare. Forget last-minute store trips and read ahead to learn about our food delivery service.

    It’s your job to feed your pets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. At EZ Pet Care, we’re happy to deliver dog or cat food to your home or your office. Even if you need your food frozen, gluten-free, or with another type of specialty, we’ve got you covered. We handle dry and canned dog and cat food as well as treats for your furry friends. When you use our delivery services, you’ll never have to worry about running out of pet food and making a last-minute trip to the store again.

    Call EZ Pet Care at (888) 613-1320 if you think cat or dog food delivery in Dallas can help you. We also offer pet waste removal and dog grooming services, which you can learn more about by visiting our website.

  • The Link Between Pet Waste and Pests

    Nobody likes that squishy feeling that happens when you step on a landmine that your dog left behind last time he was in the yard. What’s worse is that droppings can also attract pests to the area if you don’t stick to your pet waste removal schedule. Keep reading and learn about the link between pet waste and pests.

    Just the sight of dog droppings on your lawn may be enough to get you to call for pet waste removal because of the effect it can have on your property’s aesthetics. Although while we see pet waste as an eyesore, rats see something very different. Rats can ignore the stench and the toxins that drive humans away and become attracted to the proteins, fats, and minerals that can also be found in dog droppings. To make matters worse, rats have an extremely strong sense of smell and will make a beeline right for your yard when they catch a whiff. They’ll also bring diseases like worms, salmonella, and typhus with them, and they may attract other pests as well.

    Like rats, snakes also have an impressive sense of smell. That’s bad news if you have rats in your yard, because rats tend to be snakes’ meal of choice. They can detect their prey from vast distances, causing a chain reaction of pests in your yard.

    Though they don’t fall into the rat and snake dynamic, bugs are also attracted to pet waste. Ticks and mosquitos can get nutrients out of dog droppings, and in some cases, they’ll drop their eggs inside them to feed and hatch. Then these bugs attract even more predatory bugs.

    Professional pet waste removal in Dallas gets your pet waste off of your property and keeps pests away. EZ Pet Care specializes in pet waste management and dog food delivery, so check out our website or call our offices at (888) 613-1320 if you have any questions.

  • Helping Your Dog Maintain a Healthy Weight

    Pets love to eat, and if we left their bowls full all the time, they’d probably all be obese. Dog food delivery is a handy way to prevent your dog from putting on too many pounds, but there are other steps you can take as a pet owner as well. Watch this video on helping your dog maintain a healthy weight.

    Excess weight is bad for your dog’s health and can cause physical symptoms like aches and pains from bringing down the spine, and the fat that the dog carries is bad for his joints. Make sure you know what kind of pet food you’re giving your dog and go for regular walks. Dieting and exercise are both crucial to keeping your dog healthy.

    Regular dog food delivery in Dallas can help you keep your dog’s weight under control. Call EZ Pet Care at (888) 613-1320 if you need help with pet waste management.

  • How Dog Waste Can Cause Rodent Infestations

    Dealing with pet waste removal is not any dog owner’s favorite job, but ignoring dog feces is not an option. In addition to the diseases that pet waste can carry—and the annoyance of stepping in it on your way out the door—dog waste can attract unwelcome visitors to your home: rodents. Dog waste is nearly irresistible to rodents, so ignoring the waste can have serious consequences.

    Dog waste is one of the top food sources for rats. Because they can smell even better than dogs, having even a small amount of dog feces in your yard can attract rats from far away. Once they are in your yard, they can make their way into your home through cracks as small as a quarter. Of course, rats attract their natural predators: snakes. When dog waste attracts rats, snakes follow in pursuit of the rats.

    Keep your home free of pests with pet waste removal from EZ Pet Care. We provide professional pet cleanup in Dallas to keep your yard safe for your family. Contact us today at (888) 613-1320 to find out more.