• Questions to Ask Your Vet About Choosing Dog Food

    Selecting dog food for your pup is one of the most important choices you’ll make for his health. It’s also why you should look for a local dog food delivery service that carries only the best brands. Ignore TV ads and recommendations from friends. Your veterinarian is your go-to expert to consult about your dog’s nutritional needs. You might want to ask some of the following questions.

    How many calories does my dog need?
    Your vet will weigh your dog and ask some questions about his activity level to give you a customized recommendation regarding caloric requirements . Per day, most dogs need around 30 calories for each pound of body weight for weight maintenance. Small, active dogs may need a few extra calories per pound of body weight, and vice versa for large dogs. Pregnant dogs will also have special calorie and nutrition needs.

    Should I choose a brand labeled “holistic?”
    Pet parents often do choose food products labeled “holistic” and “natural” because it sounds like these foods are healthier. Unfortunately, these aren’t terms that are regulated, and so they hold little weight.

    Does it matter which company manufactures my dog’s food?
    It might matter. Not all companies have veterinary nutritionists on staff. Check your dog’s food for the company’s contact information, and don’t be shy about calling their office to ask if a veterinary nutritionist is on staff. You can also ask if this expert is available to answer your questions. In addition to this crucial staff member, the ideal pet food manufacturer has facilities in the U.S. The reason for this isn’t just national pride—it’s because other countries, like China, aren’t held to the same manufacturing standards.

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  • Dealing with Your Pet’s Special Dietary Needs

    Does your pet have food allergies? At EZ Pet Care, we provide Metro Pet premium cat and dog food delivery to simplify getting the right food for your furry friend. Read on for a few more tips on dealing with your 4-legged companion’s special dietary needs.

    Speak with Your Veterinarian
    One way to properly address your pet’s special dietary needs is to schedule a visit to her animal hospital. There, after your pet’s examination, you can speak with your veterinarian about what special dietary needs your pet may have. For example, if you have a senior cat or dog, then it may be time to switch to food that is formulated for older pets. Or, if your pet is allergic to ingredients like wheat, beef, or soy, then you can get some advice about what food brands may be ideal for your pet’s dietary needs.

    Seek Out Nutritional Pet Foods
    After speaking with your veterinarian, you may know what food brands are best suited for your pet’s special dietary needs. If so, then you can visit these brands online and learn where their products can be purchased. Some items you might be able to find at pet stores and others may need to be purchased online.

    Create a Pet Food System
    One of the struggles that some people face when their pet has special dietary needs is ensuring that their pet’s appropriate food is always on hand. For example, if you typically purchase your pet food online, then you may find yourself without the right food for your pet if you didn’t order a new package soon enough. For this reason, creating a system for ensuring that you always have your pet’s food available is a smart strategy. To do this, consider keeping an extra bag in rotation or scheduling automatic deliveries.

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  • Decoding Your Dog’s Spinning Habits

    Have you ever wondered why your dog spins in circles? If so, then watch this video to learn some theories about this common canine behavior.

    One theory about why dogs spin before they poop is that they are aligning themselves with the earth’s magnetic field using magnetoception. It’s also theorized that dogs do this to prevent waste from getting on their fur or allow their scent to spread farther. Additionally, in the wild, dogs spin in a circle before going to sleep to push down the underbrush, pack down snow, and scare away snakes and other critters to give themselves a safe spot to sleep in.

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