3 Consequences of Falling Behind on Your Pet’s Grooming Schedule

From brushing and bathing to teeth cleaning and nail trimming, there can be a lot that goes into keeping your pet neat and trim. Continue reading to learn about 3 of the potential consequences of falling behind on your pet grooming schedule.

1. Matted Fur
Depending on the type of dog you have, he may shed in large amounts once or twice per year, or he may shed a steady amount from month to month. Either way, brushing and bathing can be essential for protecting your canine from mats that develop when loose fur gets trapped in his coat. A consistent grooming schedule that involves bathing and brushing may be important for cats, as well, because felines that are overweight often struggle to groom their entire body. When this problem happens, cats can develop matted hair and dirty skin, so professional grooming appointments can often benefit these pets, too.

2. Dental Disease
Periodontal disease is a common problem in cats and dogs, and one that often goes unnoticed by pet owners. Dental issues can be painful for pets and lead to bone loss and tooth loss, and it can also increase their risk of associated health problems. When you fall behind on your cat or dog’s teeth brushing routine, this may promote the development of tartar and periodontal disease, highlighting the value of consistent pet grooming.

3. Overgrown Nails
For many dogs, regular nail trims are an important component of their grooming routine. The reason for this is that when dogs spend most of their time indoors, this can prevent their nails from wearing down as they would naturally. Then, as the nails grow longer than they should, they can make walking painful for your pooch. Also, long pet nails may be more likely to get caught in things and scratch hardwood floors. For these reasons, both you and your canine can benefit from scheduling regular grooming sessions and pet nail trims.

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