• Ways to Enjoy More Convenience as a Pet Owner

    Have you ever taken advantage of pet food delivery, pet waste removal , or mobile pet grooming? If not, then keep reading to learn how these services can help you enjoy more convenience as a pet owner.

    Pet Food Delivery
    While many grocery stores offer a selection of dog and cat foods, many individuals are unable to find a suitable option for their pets. If you have to make regular trips to pet stores or specialty shops to find the right food for your furry companion, then you may benefit from looking into pet food delivery. This option allows many pet owners to find the right food for their pet, for example, in the form of grain-free, freeze-dried, or life stage varieties.

    Pet Waste Removal
    If you’re a dog owner, then you are no doubt familiar with the unpleasant chore of cleaning up after your pet. However, if you find that you don’t have the time or will to clean up after your dog as often as you would like, then consider taking advantage of a professional pet waste removal service. By scheduling yard cleanup in advance, you can avoid this dirty job but keep your yard clean and smelling fresh.

    Mobile Pet Grooming
    If you’re like many people, then your busy schedule prevents you from bringing your dog to the grooming salon as frequently as you would prefer. Luckily, there is a simple solution, and all it takes is one phone call. By scheduling a mobile pet grooming appointment, you can have a doggy salon show up right at your door. Schedule an appointment today so that Fido can get back to looking and smelling his best.

    At EZ Pet Care , we offer Metro Pet premium cat and dog food delivery, Pet Butler pet waste removal, and Pet Love mobile dog grooming so you can enjoy better convenience while caring for your companion animal. If you would like to find out more, call EZ Pet Care in Dallas at (888) 613-1320.

  • Preparing Your Pooch for a Summer Camping Trip

    Camping can be a fun adventure for both you and your dog, but it’s important to take time to prepare your pup to ensure he has the safest experience possible. From stocking up on necessary pet meds to ordering extra food and treats from your dog food delivery service, there are some important steps to take to make sure your pooch is prepared for the great outdoors. Before you head on your camping trip, follow this advice to get your dog ready for the action.

    Plan Around Your Dog’s Personality
    Just like some people dread the idea of a camping trip, some pups may not be interested in multi-day hikes through the wilderness. If your dog prefers to spend most of his time relaxing and is skittish around people and other pets, you may want to choose a laidback, uncrowded camping location for an overnight trip. If your dog loves adventures, you can consider a longer trip with more people and animals around. If you’re not sure how your dog will react in some of the situations you may experience while camping, try shorter hikes on day trips to test it out.

    Stock Up on Supplies
    There won’t be anywhere to pick up an extra bag of dog food or treats while you’re camping, so make sure you arrange for a dog food delivery before your trip. You should also bring a water supply that is just for your dog, collapsible water and food bowls, and a sleeping bag and blanket or a kid’s sleeping bag for nighttime. If you’re going to be walking on rough terrain or in wet or cold weather, consider packing booties for your dog, as well.

    Update Your Microchip
    Make sure all of the information on your dog’s microchip is up to date before you leave. If your pup somehow becomes separated from you, a microchip will significantly increase the odds that you will be reunited.

    At EZ Pet Care , we take care of the hard parts of being a pet family, so you can focus on enjoying your 4-legged friends. We provide pet waste removal, pet food delivery, and mobile grooming services in Dallas to make pet ownership easy and convenient. Arrange for our services today by calling (888) 613-1320.

  • What Dog Owners Should Know About Hookworm

    Hookworm is a danger to dogs and humans alike. These tiny parasites can cause a range of symptoms in pups and are easily transmitted via contaminated soil and dog feces, which is one of the many reasons pet waste removal is so important to the health of your dog and your family.

    Hookworms can cause diarrhea, constipation, and tarry stools in your dog. If the parasites travel to his lungs, your dog may also develop a cough. You may notice that your dog’s lips and the lining of his ears and nostrils look pale. In humans, hookworms can cause itching at the infection site, gastrointestinal upset, weight loss, and anemia. Both dogs and humans can contract hookworms through contact with dog feces that contains the parasites as well as soil that is contaminated with the parasite’s eggs.

    Don’t put your family’s health on the line. Let EZ Pet Care keep your outdoor space safe with our pet waste management service in Dallas . Call (888) 613-1320 to set up pet waste removal services.

  • Why Does My Cat Have Matted Fur?

    Cats may be fastidious self-groomers, but despite their best efforts, they are still prone to matted fur. Regular pet grooming can help your cat avoid this uncomfortable complication. Watch this video to learn more.

    Cat fur becomes matted easily because of their shed cycles. They frequently have large amounts of loose fur that can become tangled and matted if they are not removed. Although cats remove some of the hair through self-grooming, only regular pet grooming will prevent matting.

    EZ Pet Care makes grooming easy with our mobile pet grooming service in Dallas. Contact us today to set up an appointment with Pet Love Grooming and to learn more about our other services, including pet waste management, by calling (888) 613-1320.