Get to Know CANIDAE Farms

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to find the food that your pet needs at a local supermarket or pet store. For this reason, dog food delivery services can offer you an ideal way of keeping your pet healthy and satisfied. Watch this video to discover why your pet might love having CANIDAE dog food delivered to your home.

CANIDAE focuses on using whole, fresh ingredients as much as possible, and making great pet food is at the core of who they are. Fresh bison, lamb, and fish are just a few examples of the ingredients that CANIDAE Farms sources from across the heartland and around the world.

At EZ Pet Care, we offer Metro Pet nutritional dog food delivery in Dallas, so you can feed your canine the food he deserves. To find out about your options for CANIDAE dog food delivery, give us a call today at (888) 613-1320.

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