• Fleas and Ticks Are Summertime Pests for Pets [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When you think of summer, it’s likely that camping, barbecues, and swimming come to mind. But what about your pets? For dogs and cats, warm weather can mean fleas and ticks, and these parasites can cause them discomfort and even make them ill. To help keep your pets—and your family—happy and healthy, it’s important to protect them from flea and tick infestations year-round, but especially during warm weather. To learn all about keeping your pets safe from fleas and ticks this season, take a look at this infographic from EZ Pet Care in Dallas . Please feel free to share this information with your friends and fellow pet owners.

  • Tips for Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

    Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is an important part of pet grooming that can prevent your canine from experiencing pain and discomfort due to overgrown nails. Are you someone who is inexperienced in performing nail trims? If so, then continue reading for tips on trimming your dog’s nails.

    Prepare in Advance

    Before you begin the nail trimming process, choose a location that will allow you to hold your dog and reach her nails in a way that is comfortable for you both. Then, collect a pair of pet nail trimmers and some treats that your pet is particularly fond of.

    Keep Your Calm
    It’s common for pet owners to dread performing nail trims when they are new to the process. However, it’s important to remain calm and exhibit an upbeat attitude to help prevent your pet from picking up on any anxiety that you may be experiencing. Starting the nail trim in this way can make the session more pleasant for both of you.

    Start Off Slowly
    You can help make the nail trimming process less surprising and stressful for your dog by working slowly and desensitizing her to the process. You can do this by petting or scratching her leg and working your way down to her feet. If your dog seems nervous, offer her a treat to help keep her happy.

    Trim Each Nail
    At this point, go ahead and introduce the nail trimmer. Next, hold her leg steady with one hand and position the trimmer with the other. You should only trim a small amount at a time to help avoid hitting the quick of the nail, which can be painful for your pet and cause bleeding. Finally, trimming your dog’s nails over the course of several sessions can make the process more tolerable for her.

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  • How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

    Many people associate pet grooming with cat and dog baths, brushings, and nail trims. However, it’s common for pet owners to overlook the importance of dental care for their felines. Watch this video to learn how to brush your cat’s teeth.

    It’s estimated that 85% of cats over age three have dental disease, and tartar can form on your cat’s teeth in just a couple of days. For these reasons, regular teeth brushing is important for your pet’s oral health. To start the process, get your cat become accustomed to having his mouth, teeth, and gums touched. Later, use your finger to scrub his teeth with a small amount of feline toothpaste.

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  • Simplify Pet Ownership with Pooper Scooper Services

    No matter how much someone adores his dog, nobody enjoys the unpleasant chore that is pet waste removal. Even small pets can be messy, and having more than one dog only multiplies the amount of yard cleanup that you face. If you’re looking for ways to simplify pet ownership, then working with a pet waste removal company is a good place to start.

    Whether you have just your personal yard to worry about or you’re responsible for keeping a park, business property, or multi-family community clean and welcoming, you can benefit from hiring a pooper scooper service. Working with a pet waste removal service involves having a caretaker visit your residence or property at a frequency of your choosing to clean up the waste left behind by dogs. By taking this step, you can eliminate the need for taking care of dog waste cleanup yourself.

    If you’re ready to make owning a dog simpler and more enjoyable, then contact EZ Pet Care at (888) 613-1320 to learn about our Pet Butler services for pet waste removal in Dallas.

  • Avoid These Cat Food Storage Mistakes

    Today, many people are taking advantage of cat and dog food delivery services to help feed their pets the diets that they need, as well as to enjoy the convenience of having pet food delivered right to their door. However, whether you buy your cat’s food locally or online, there are some things to keep in mind when storing kibble for your feline. Read on to learn about mistakes worth avoiding when it comes to storing cat food.

    Tossing the Original Packaging
    The original packaging that your cat’s food comes in can be an important resource. Also, these packages have been designed to keep pet food fresh and protected from moisture and pests. If your cat’s food packaging is resealable, then it can be a good idea to use it as a pet food storage container. Also, the packaging contains the product’s bar code, ingredients, and batch number, which is important information to have in the case of a pet food recall.

    Keeping It in the Sun
    Whether your cat’s food is in its original packaging, a clear plastic tub, or anything in between, keeping it in the sun, even indoors, can cause the temperature and humidity inside the container to rise. These factors can cause your pet’s food to spoil, as well as promote the growth of bacteria.

    Exposing It to the Air
    Protecting your feline’s food from the air is important for several reasons. First, exposure to air can cause pet food to become stale and unappealing to your cat. Additionally, exposing cat food to air and humidity can cause it to degrade and spoil faster than it would if properly stored. Finally, leaving your cat food exposed to the air will increase the risk of it being contaminated by bacteria that can make your pet sick.

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