• What You Should Know About Pet Grooming

    If you’re a dog or cat owner, then you are likely familiar with the amount of hair that your pet can leave behind on your clothes, flooring, and furniture. One way to help combat this problem and simultaneously promote the health of your pet and her coat is to make pet grooming a regular event. If you’re thinking about working with a cat and dog grooming service for this purpose, then continue reading to learn a few important facts.

    The Benefits of Professional Grooming
    Although time can sometimes be an issue, many pet owners have no problem giving their pet’s coat a brushing or combing now and then. However, there are some grooming tasks, such as coat trimming and breed-specific cuts, that should be handled by the pros. Leaving these grooming needs in the hands of a groomer can save both you and your pet some time and frustration. Also, groomers have the equipment, tools, and products that can help keep your dog or cat’s coat healthy, shiny, and clean.

    Types of Pet Grooming Services
    Some of the most common services offered by pet groomers include bathing, brushing, combing, coat trimming, and nail trimming. In some cases, you’ll find that a groomer offers specialty services like nail painting, non-toxic fur dyeing, mobile pet grooming, competition grooming, and pet product sales.

    How to Choose a Pet Groomer
    You will find that some pet grooming services are more focused on the happiness and wellbeing of their 4-legged clients than others. For this reason, look for a pet groomer that caters to pets by factoring in a dog or cat’s needs and preferences during the grooming session. Also, learn what training and experience the groomer has before making any commitments.

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  • Find the Right Food for Your Feline with Metro Pet Premium Pet Food Delivery

    Today, more and more pet owners are taking advantage of the convenience offered by cat and dog food delivery services. Does your feline have special dietary needs, or are you simply looking for a high-quality pet food delivery service? If so, then consider working with Metro Pet.

    Offering a wide selection of nutritional cat and dog food in dry, raw, and canned varieties, Metro Pet makes it easy to feed your feline a healthy diet. Some of the cat food brands offered include Merrick, Natural Balance, Orijen, Arcana, Felidae, and Nature’s Variety. You can order the specialty food that your feline needs and have it delivered to your home or office as needed.

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  • Why It’s Important to Pick Up After Your Pet

    Although people love their dogs, pet waste removal is a chore that no one looks forward to. Nonetheless, cleaning up after your dog is important for several reasons. Watch this video to learn why pet waste shouldn’t be left on the ground.

    Dog waste can carry dangerous diseases that can make you or your family sick. Also, it can contaminate parks and water sources. For these reasons, dog waste should not be thought of as fertilizer and should be properly disposed of in the garbage.

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  • How to Keep Your Dog at a Healthy Weight

    Many dog food delivery and pet food companies offer options that can help dogs shed extra pounds. While products like these can be beneficial for obese canines, preventing your pet from becoming obese is ideal for his health. Read on for tips on keeping your canine at a healthy weight.

    Measure Your Dog’s Food
    While some dogs will eat only as much food as they need, most will eat to excess if given a chance. For this reason, one of the best things that you can do to promote a healthy weight for your canine is to feed him according to his needs by measuring the amount of food that you give him. Offering your pet more food than he needs can result in weight gain over the years.

    Choose a High-Quality Dog Food
    In addition to how much you feed him, what you feed your canine can affect his ability to remain at a healthy weight. Your dog’s food should be appropriate for his age, size, activity level, and nutritional needs. Also, try not to feed your pet table scraps. Not only can this habit endanger your pet by increasing the chances that he will eat something that is toxic to dogs, but it can also cause a quick increase in his daily calorie intake.

    Keep Your Dog Active
    Just like with people, regular exercise is essential for promoting your pet’s overall health and weight maintenance. While factoring in his age and current activity level, be sure to give your dog plenty of chances to move and play each day. If you have a senior pet or one with a health condition, then speak with your veterinarian about an appropriate exercise routine for your dog.

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