• Interesting Facts About Your Dog’s Coat

    Regular pet grooming is important for keeping your dog’s coat clean, healthy, and attractive. Also, being active about your canine’s bathing and brushing can help you maintain a cleaner and more inviting home. Read on to learn some interesting facts that you may not know about your dog’s coat.

    Your dog’s coat grows in stages.
    Your canine’s fur has different phases of development, just like hair does in humans. When her coat is actively growing, then it is in the anagen stage. The catagen stage refers to the transitional period at the end of the active growth cycle. When the fur is dormant, this is called the telogen stage. Finally, the exogen stage occurs when your dog begins to shed actively and heavily.

    Your air conditioning may be preventing seasonal shedding.
    It’s common for dog owners to despair when their dog sheds year-round instead of just twice a year. Because of the temperature controlled environments in which many pets live, it’s normal for dogs to experience changes in their natural shedding patterns. Because your dog isn’t exposed to the temperature extremes as she would be in the wild, she may not shed just a couple of times per year.

    It’s important to prevent matted hair.
    Mats can develop in your dog’s coat when pet grooming is skipped for too long. This type of problem is more common in breeds whose shed fur doesn’t fall out naturally. Mats can be a significant problem because they can make it difficult to groom your pet and can tug at your dog’s skin, causing her pain and discomfort. Mats can also trap moisture that can lead to inflammation and infections of the skin by creating an environment that promotes yeast and bacterial growth. You can help prevent your pet’s hair from matting by scheduling regular dog grooming appointments.

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  • Foods That You Should Never Feed Your Cat

    Are you interested in premium cat and dog food delivery services ? If so, then you may benefit from knowing more about how to keep your pet happy and healthy. One important way to promote your feline’s wellness is to avoid feeding him certain foods. Continue reading to learn what foods your cat should never eat.

    Raw Eggs
    Getting enough protein can help keep your cat healthy, but protein in the form of raw eggs can expose your pet to parasites like salmonella and cause problems like pancreatitis. However, it’s safe to feed your cat cooked eggs, on occasion.

    Onions, Garlic, and Chives
    Allium components found in onions, garlic, and chives can be toxic for cats. Eating these foods, even if only in trace amounts, can cause damage to red blood cells in felines. Cats do not metabolize allium compounds, even if the food is in cooked or powdered form. For this reason, veterinarians warn pet owners to check labels before feeding anything other than cat food to their felines.

    Raw Fish
    It’s common for pet owners to assume that uncooked fish is a healthy treat for cats. However, raw fish can cause gastrointestinal upset in felines, and the thiaminase that it contains can lead to thiamine deficiency and neurological issues.

    Some pet owners believe that bones are a healthy food for cats, but they can cause a number of health problems. Bones can splinter or lead to intestinal blockages, dental fractures, choking, and intestinal perforations.

    Another common misconception is that it’s a good idea to feed dairy products to cats. Once felines reach adulthood, their digestive tracts become less tolerant of lactose. This change means that feeding milk to your cat can cause him to experience diarrhea and other digestive issues.

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  • Looking at Common Food Allergens for Dogs

    Many people realize that dog food delivery services can make it easier to keep their pet healthy and happy, but finding the right food for your dog isn’t always simple. Sometimes, this is because many individuals don’t realize that their pets can have food allergies. Continue reading to learn about some common food allergens for dogs.

    Types of Food Allergies for Dogs
    While canines can have an allergy to just about any food ingredient, there are some specific culprits you should know of. Some of the most common meat allergens for dogs include lamb, fish, chicken, beef, pork, and rabbit. Other animal products can also cause an allergic reaction in dogs, such as eggs and dairy. Finally, it’s not uncommon for dogs to be allergic to soy, corn, and wheat. It’s common for dogs to have multiple food allergies, instead of just one.

    Symptoms of Food Allergies in Dogs
    There are quite a few symptoms which can indicate that your dog is allergic to something that he’s eating. Some of the most common food allergy symptoms in dogs include poor coat quality, itching, paw biting, chronic ear inflammation, and obsessive licking. Other signs more closely mimic food allergy symptoms that humans experience, such as chronic gas, nausea, vomiting, chronic diarrhea, hives, and skin rash.

    Managing Food Allergies in Your Dog
    If you suspect that your pet has a food allergy, then you should start by bringing him to see his veterinarian, remembering to take along a list of everything that you normally feed him, including the ingredient labels for his food and treats. His veterinarian will offer you advice on how to determine what may be causing his symptoms. Finally, choosing a dog food that is free of any ingredients that your dog is allergic to can help prevent allergic reactions.

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  • Skip a Trip to the Doggie Salon with Pet Love

    Regular pet grooming is an important part of keeping your dog healthy and her coat beautiful. However, you may sometimes find it challenging to squeeze trips to the doggie salon into your busy schedule. If so, then consider taking advantage of mobile pet grooming services.

    Pet Love Mobile Grooming makes it simpler to keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy. When you make an appointment with this service, Pet Love Mobile Grooming will arrive at your home in one of our self-contained and fully equipped mobile grooming salons. Then, one of our professional pet stylists will groom your dog on the spot. This convenient option can save you the time of bringing your pet to the doggie salon and the trouble of bathing and brushing your dog yourself.

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  • Life Hacks for Cat Owners

    Consistent pet grooming can help minimize shed cat hair around your home, but keeping your furnishings free of fur can still be a challenge. Watch this video to learn one way to manage cat hair around your house and some other great life hacks for cat owners.

    To keep cats busy, try marinating old toys in a plastic baggie filled with catnip. If your feline is still bored, then create a DIY food puzzle by cutting small holes into an old water bottle. Then, just add a few pieces of cat food and replace the lid. To remove fur from furniture, put on a rubber glove and then run your hand over the fabric.

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