• The Link Between Regular Grooming and Good Pet Health

    Pet grooming doesn’t only keep your pet looking good. Regular grooming is also good for his or her health. If your pet grooming schedule has fallen off-track, consider a mobile service that brings the grooming to you. Here is a look at some of the health benefits of keeping your pet well groomed.

    Healthy Skin and Coat
    Your pet’s skin and coat can become dirty quickly without regular grooming, thanks to animals’ love of rolling on the ground and nosing around in anything they really shouldn’t. This means that an endless list of mites, bacteria, fungi, and other irritants are constantly being introduced that can cause rashes and infections. A dirty coat can also get matted and uncomfortable quickly. Keep in mind that a mat for your pet feels like your hair feels when it gets knotted. It can pull the skin and cause pain and irritation. Regular grooming removes all of the pollutants, brushes away dead skin cells, and helps keep your pet’s hair free of annoying mats.

    Preventative Care
    Your pet can’t tell you when he or she has a health problem, so it’s easy for the signs to go unnoticed until the condition has progressed. When your get your pet groomed, the groomer will be checking your animal’s body from head to toe. During the process, he or she may locate lumps and other injuries that need to be evaluated by the vet that you have missed. By tipping you off to a potential health problem in its early stages, grooming can be lifesaving.

    Flea and Tick Prevention
    Fleas and ticks aren’t just bothersome to your pet. They can also transmit severe health problems, including heartworms. When your pet is groomed regularly, his or her clean skin and hair will be less attractive to fleas and ticks. Plus, your groomer can tip you off to any signs of pests so you can provide treatment before it gets out of control.

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  • Adding Services to Your Scheduled Pet Waste Removal

    If you are already enjoying the benefits of pet waste removal with EZ Pet Care and our Pet Butler service, why not consider adding some of our other convenient services to your visit. All it takes is a phone call to us to set up additional services alongside your usual pet waste removal.

    One service customers like to get along with their pet waste removal is food delivery. We deliver both dog and cat food by quality vendors, so you can skip the extra trip to the store. We also provide mobile grooming services, so your pet can get essential grooming services, without the stress of a trip to a busy pet store or pet salon, filled with other animals who could have health problems.

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  • What Should Your Kitten Drink?

    There are some unfortunate misconceptions about what kittens should drink, and if you give them the wrong thing, you may notice the effects during the pet cleanup process. Watch this video to learn what your kitten should be drinking.

    If your kitten has not been weaned, you will need to give him or her milk replacement in a bottle and let your vet guide you through wearing the kitten yourself. If your kitten has been weaned, he or she should only get water. Despite myths about kittens and milk or cream, their systems actually can’t handle it.

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  • Learning Proper Dog Park Etiquette

    If you take your dog to the dog park, there is a good chance you quickly learned that the park has its own rules, regulations, and norms that can be intimidating for a first-timer to manage. From pet waste removal to rules about play, understanding the proper etiquette can make your dog park trips a little more enjoyable. Here is what you need to know.

    Leave the Treats at Home
    It can be tempting to bring treats along with you to the dog park, especially if you hope to train your dog to do certain tricks or follow new commands while you’re there. However, if you pull out a bag of treats in a dog park, the conclusion is inevitable: you’ll be the most popular pet parent with the pooches and the least favorite among your fellow humans. When you have treats, even the most well trained dogs will struggle to listen to his or her family, which puts everyone at risk. Keep the peace by rewarding your dog in the car or at home, away from other curious pups.

    Don’t Allow Bullying
    Dogs have a tendency to form packs, and sometimes, they may target a specific dog to bully as a group. It’s your responsibility to prevent this from happening, whether you have a young dog that is the target of bullies or an alpha adult who is trying to round up a crew. Watch your dog closely. If he or she is bullying, being bullied, or learning bad behaviors, it’s time to go home.

    Clean Up After Yourself
    Some dog owners think anything goes when it comes to pet waste removal at a dog park. In reality, it is your job to come with a poop scoop and clean up after your pet. Imagine a dog park in which owners never clean up dog poop. The health risk for pets and humans alike would render it unusable.

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