• Tips for Keeping Your Dog Mat-Free

    Regular pet grooming is necessary to keep your dog clean, comfortable, and free of mats. When you take advantage of the convenient services offered by a mobile pet grooming salon, your dog can get a bath, pet nail trim, and dog haircut without even leaving home. Here are some pet grooming tips for keeping your dog’s coat mat-free.

    mobile pet grooming dallas Brush Your Dog Prior to Giving Him a Dog Bath

    Before your dog’s bath, you should brush his hair or fur thoroughly. The warm bathwater will set mats in your dog’s hair, making them harder to remove. You can spray your dog’s hair lightly with a detangler or diluted conditioner to make brushing easier. The groomer at your mobile pet grooming salon can recommend appropriate products.

    Use Proper Equipment and Techniques

    Brush your dog’s hair with a pin brush that is specifically designed for dogs. Never use a human brush on a dog. You can use a rat-tail comb to part the hair and check for mats. You should work in small sections of hair, beginning at your dog’s paws and working your way upwards to his sides, back, and head. You can then go back over his hair thoroughly with a steel comb. Do not ever brush the same area more than ten times at once.

    Take Him to a Pet Grooming Specialist Regularly

    In addition to brushing your dog at home, you should also schedule regular appointments with a grooming specialist. A groomer at a mobile pet grooming salon can quickly and safely remove mats from your dog’s coat using specialized pet grooming equipment. The groomer can also provide dog baths and dog haircuts to reduce the risk of matting.

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  • Pet Food Selection Made Easy

    Choosing the right dog food is crucial to maintaining your dog’s health, safety, and happiness. There are so many different types of dog food, however, that it can be overwhelming trying to determine if you’ve picked the right one.

    Watch this video for some great tips on picking out the right dog food. Your veterinarian or pet care expert can also give you advice and recommendations for nutritious dog food. Once you choose a dog food, you can schedule regular dog food delivery to your home or office to save you time and stress.

    At EZ Pet Care in Dallas , we offer a variety of affordable, convenient pet care services, including Metro Pet food delivery services. You can take advantage of dog food delivery, pet waste removal, or mobile pet grooming from our pet care experts. To learn more about how our services can benefit you and your pets, call (888) 613-1320 today.

  • Can Kittens Eat Cat Treats?

    pet grooming dallas After adopting a new kitten, you must learn as much as possible about kitten health to ensure he remains happy and healthy. You can schedule regular pet grooming, pet cleanup, and food delivery services to allow you more time for nurturing and playing with your new kitten. When ordering food from a pet food delivery service, be sure to purchase food specifically for kittens his age.

    Kittens can begin eating solid foods at around 8-10 weeks. Once a kitten is 10 weeks old, he can also safely consume cat treats, as long as they are healthy, nutritious, and given in moderation. The best cat treats have meat as the primary ingredient, and should contain other nutrients that are recommended for growing kittens. When kittens are teething, crunchy cat treats can even offer some pain relief.

    If you’re interested in cat or dog food delivery near Dallas , contact EZ Pet Care. We can deliver healthy and nutritious cat and dog food, treats, and nutritional supplements directly to your home or office through our Metro Pet delivery service. To learn more about our cat and dog food delivery services, call us today at (888) 613-1320.