Questions to Ask a Pet Groomer

Are you unsure about where to start when it comes to finding a pet grooming service? It can often be daunting to find the right groomer for you and your pet. To make this task easier, we’ve provided three questions you should ask a pet grooming service before working with them.

How experienced are you in working with my specific breed of dog? mobile pet grooming Dallas

You may be considering a pet groomer who has years of experience in pet grooming—but how experienced are they in dog grooming for a poodle, Scottish terrier, or Siberian husky? The answer to this question could affect both your dog’s appearance after grooming and how your dog is handled during grooming. As different breeds of dogs have different traits—both physical and social—it’s important that your groomer be prepared to work with your dog’s breed.

What is your training background?

In order to make sure your pet is groomed safely and correctly, it’s important for your groomer to be thoroughly trained in all aspects of grooming. When considering a grooming service, find out how their groomers are trained and the average amount of experience each groomer has. You want to be sure that your groomer is proficient at bathing and brushing dogs, excellent at hand-scissoring and clipping fur, and able to capably handle any emergency situations that may arise.

Where are the pets kept and groomed?

If you’re entrusting your pet to another person, it’s important that you know how your pet will be handled. Some groomers will groom pets in view of the customer. However, others won’t. In addition, pets may be kept in a variety of different environments while they are waiting. Be sure to ask your groomer how he or she handles the pets during this downtime.

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