• Don’t Ignore Dog Waste

    dog poop service Dallas It can be tempting to ignore your pet cleanup responsibilities, but failing to clean up dog poop regularly can cause a number of problems. Dog feces smell bad and look unpleasant, and also harbor harmful bacteria and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. Any human or animal that comes into contact with contaminated dog feces is at risk of contracting a dangerous illness or disease.

    For this reason, you should always clean up dog poop in your yard. If you’re unable to perform regular or effective pet waste removal on your own, you can hire a pet waste removal service to poop scoop for you. You can schedule regular pooper-scooper visits from a pet waste removal company to ensure that your yard stays clean, pleasant, and healthy for your pets and your family.

    If you’re interested in pet waste removal services near Dallas , come see us at EZ Pet Care. We offer convenient, affordable pet waste management services, and our professional staff can even provide your dog with dog food and water in addition to cleaning up dog poop. To learn more about our pet care services, call us today at (888) 613-1320.

  • Bringing Home a New Puppy

    Bringing home a new puppy can be a joy and a challenge. You might worry about finding the best dog food, toys, veterinary services, pet waste removal services, and pet grooming services in your area.

    Watch this video for some great tips for caring for a new puppy when you first bring him home. You’ll learn what supplies you need, what to do his first few days in your home, and how to handle special puppy concerns.

    At EZ Pet Care in Dallas , our animal experts are happy to offer pet care tips and tricks, as well as convenient and affordable pet care services. We provide mobile pet grooming, a dog food delivery service, and a pet waste removal service. To learn more about how to schedule services for your household, call us today at (888) 613-1320.

  • Comparing Puppy Food and Adult Dog Food

    When you consider your options for dog food delivery in Dallas, it is important to pick an organization that has the very best food for your pet. There are innumerable dog food brands, and each has its own specific mix of ingredients. Picking the right food is especially important if you have a puppy, as puppies need extra nutrients. To help you select the ideal food for your beloved pet, keep reading to learn more about some of the differences between dog food and puppy food.

    Extra Protein dog food delivery Dallas

    If you have a puppy, choose dog food delivery that contains plenty of protein . Proteins are the building blocks of the body, and puppies need a substantial amount of protein to grow at a healthy rate. Puppies require more protein than an adult dog because their body tissues are still rapidly developing. Puppies and dogs alike do best with a well-balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

    Additional Calories

    The second major difference between puppy and dog food is that puppies need additional calories as they continue to grow. Puppies also expend much more energy than dogs, as they need extra exercise. In general, a puppy should stay on a puppy diet for about one to two years, or until the growth plates are sealed.

    Breed Specific

    The kind of food your puppy or dog needs is also highly dependent on its breed. Large breed puppies like Labrador Retrievers and Great Danes, for example, need a much different diet for optimal growth than a tiny Yorkie or Chihuahua puppy. When you order from a dog food delivery service like EZ Petcare, it is essential to feed your large or giant breed puppy a food specifically formulated for its nutritional requirements.

    EZ Pet Care is proud to provide a wide range of pet care services, including dog food delivery, pet grooming, pet cleanup, and much more. Find out about our services by visiting us online or calling us at (888) 613-1320 today!