• How to Choose a Food for Your Dog

    Just like humans, dogs require certain nutrients and vitamins to remain healthy and active. Do some research and consult with your veterinarian to find a dog food beneficial for your dog’s health. Then set up a dog food delivery service to ensure you’ll never run out of premium dog food.

    Understand the Order of Ingredients dog food delivery dallas
    The ingredients that are listed on bags and cans of dog food are ordered by weight. This means that the heaviest ingredients, typically the ones that contain the most moisture, are listed first. Beef, poultry, and fish are often listed first simply because of their moisture content, not because they are more prevalent in the food.

    You Don’t Always Need to Avoid Grains and Glutens
    Many dog foods contain grain, which provide a good source of their necessary carbohydrates and can be easily metabolized by dogs. Gluten and grain allergies are very rare in dogs, so unless your veterinarian has diagnosed your dog with a specific allergy to grains or gluten, your dog will not be harmed if these ingredients are in his food. In fact, it is more common for dogs to be allergic to certain meats than to grains or gluten.

    Look for a Nutritional Adequacy Statement
    Check the dog food label for the phrase, “this food is complete and balanced for…” to confirm that the food is appropriate for your dog’s age, health, and weight. Dog food should specify if the food is nutritionally adequate for different life stages, such as puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, or all life stages. It should also specify whether it is appropriate for overweight dogs or dogs with certain dietary or health needs. When in doubt, check with your veterinarian for a recommendation.

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  • Grooming: Good for Your Dog’s Health

    Grooming your dog is not only beneficial for you, but it also can make your dog happier and healthier. Professional pet grooming companies employ skilled pet experts who help your dog look his best, and will keep your dog healthy. With the advent of mobile pet grooming, keeping your dog well-groomed and happy is now easier and less expensive than ever.

    Grooming Makes Your Dog More Comfortable mobile pet grooming dallas
    If you have a dog with long hair, warmer weather may make him uncomfortable. Certain types of dog hair and dog fur are more prone to matting and tangles, which can painfully pull at your dog’s skin. The dirt and plant parts that end up in your dog’s hair can also cause itching and skin irritation. As your dog’s nails grow longer, he may find it difficult and painful to walk. Regular grooming that includes a dog hair cut and nail trim will ensure that your dog feels lighter, happier, and more comfortable.

    Groomers Will Check for Abnormalities
    A regular relationship with your pet grooming company will allow the staff to become familiar with your dog’s habits. While grooming, pet groomers check for abnormalities in your dog’s skin, hair, and even behavior. They are as valuable as veterinarians in spotting early warning signs of skin problems and illness. Groomers will also check your dog for ticks and mites, which are not only uncomfortable, but can also lead to illness for your dog and your family.

    Regular Grooming Leads to Happier Pets and Owners
    Dogs love attention, and the attention that your dog gets from you and your groomer will make him happier and calmer. Dog grooming is similar to a relaxing massage, and both you and your dog will feel much happier when he is clean, relaxed, and well-groomed.

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  • Taking Care of Your Puppy

    A new puppy is an exciting and lovable addition to any family. Taking excellent care of your puppy will ensure its health and happiness, and will help it make an easier transition as a new member of your family. From feeding it the right dog food to finding a great pet grooming company, you may appreciate some puppy care tips from an expert.

    Watch this informative video about how to take care of your puppy. Dr. Katy Nelson provides valuable tips on the health, safety, and needs of your new puppy.

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