• What Nutrients Does Your Dog Need?

    Have you ever worried that the dog food that you feed your dog isn’t as healthy as it should be? You can have a great impact on your dog’s health by researching what nutrients your dog needs on a daily basis. Any high-quality dog food will have the appropriate nutrients; check the ingredients list of your dog’s food and choose a different brand if necessary.

    Water Dog Food Delivery Dallas
    The most important thing for your dog to consume on a daily basis is water. Per day, the average dog needs approximately an ounce of clean water for every pound of his body weight. Both canned dog food and dry food contain moisture, but not enough to meet your dog’s daily requirement. Check the level of your dog’s water bowl frequently, and fill it with fresh water regularly, especially if it is hot outside or if your dog just came in from the yard or a walk.

    Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates
    Animals get proteins from meat, such as lamb, chicken, fish, turkey, beef and eggs. Protein can also be found in vegetables and soy. Fats provide your dog with more energy than any other nutrient. Carbohydrates also supply your dog with energy, and fiber is the best source of carbohydrates for your dog. Fiber promotes healthy digestion.

    Vitamins and Minerals
    Unless recommended by a veterinarian, dogs do not need vitamin supplements if their food has already been confirmed to provide sufficient vitamins and minerals. It is very likely that the commercial dog food that you feed your dog has the vitamins and minerals necessary for your dog’s health, but you can always ask your vet if you are unsure.

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  • All About EZ Pet Care

    Mobile Pet Grooming Dallas At EZ Pet Care, we provide a variety of vital pet services to the Dallas area. With 35 years of experience in the business, our customers are loyal and very happy with our services. We consider ourselves professional pet caretakers, and provide services that afford busy pet owners more time to spend with their beloved animals.

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  • How to Get Your Backyard Ready for Guests

    With warmer weather on the way, you’re probably planning some backyard barbeques or parties for your friends. If you have a dog, you’re also going to be planning some pet waste removal , rushing to clean up the dog poop your furry friend has been leaving around the yard for you. After all, no one wants their guests stepping in their dog’s messes during a party!

    Pet Waste Clean Up Services
    A professional pet waste removal service can quickly clean up your dog’s messes, leaving your yard party-ready, and leaving you free to focus on the more fun elements of party planning. The pet waste management experts will use a yard deodorizer after cleanups, so your guests will only smell a pleasant scent during their visit. You can even schedule regular poop scoop visits, along with dog food delivery.

    Pet Grooming
    You should also consider getting your dog or cat bathed and groomed before your party, so he looks and smells his best for your guests. With a mobile pet grooming service, you can stay at home and tend to last-minute details while a professional groomer comes right to your door to pamper your pet. With services offered like cat and dog baths and haircuts, pet nail trims, pet cologne, and ribbons and bandanas, your pet will be the star of the party.

    Party Guests and Pets Pet Waste Removal Dallas
    An important part of party planning when you have pets is making sure all of your guests can interact with your pets in a safe manner, and to the extent they feel most comfortable. You can maximize your pet’s interaction with guests who are comfortable being around him, while minimizing your pet’s time with guests who might not enjoy animals as much.

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