• Doggie Dental Health

    Mobile Pet Grooming in Dallas Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy can prolong his life and freshen his breath. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, undertaking a complicated task like brushing your dog’s teeth yourself can be a risky endeavor. You need a special toothbrush and toothpaste, and you need to know the right brushing technique, as well as how to look out for signs of dental decay and oral disorders.

    Rather than risk injury to yourself or your dog, it is wise to consult a professional dog grooming service, as many of them offer grooming packages that include a good tooth brushing for your dog. Mobile pet grooming services are also available, and bring professional groomers right to your home, allowing you more free time to play with your dog rather than play tug of war with a toothbrush.

    To learn more about grooming services and how you can get your dog’s teeth cleaned by a professional pet groomer, contact EZ Petcare in Dallas at (972) 243-8331. Be sure to ask about our mobile dog grooming service, Pet Love Mobile Grooming.

  • Tips for Training Your Dog Not to Bark at People

    If you have a dog that reacts to new people by barking incessantly, your life can become stressful. You may feel embarrassed having friends over to your house or taking your dog on walks. If your dog feels threatened by strangers, punishing him for barking will only reinforce the idea that seeing a stranger leads to bad things.

    Watch this video to learn how to use treats to train your dog to realize that not barking at a stranger will be rewarded, while barking will not. You can also use treats in your house so that if someone drops by unexpectedly, you can lure your dog to a part of the house where he’ll feel safe until the visitor is gone. For more pet tips, visit the EZ Petcare website, or call us at (972) 243-8331.

  • Pet Grooming Packages to Consider for Your Furry Friend

    If your pet spends a lot of time outside, has long hair or fur, or simply seems to need grooming more often than your time or tools can accommodate, contact a pet grooming specialist in Dallas to explore the grooming packages they have to offer. A mobile pet grooming service will save you even more time by bringing their specialized tools and knowledge straight to your doorstep, with no hassle for you. Your cat or dog will be happy and comfortable in the hands of grooming experts, saving you the mess and inconvenience of doing it yourself. A clean, well-groomed pet is a much happier and healthier pet , and a happier pet means a happier owner!

    Bath & Brush Mobile Pet Grooming Dallas
    This package includes a bath in a climate-controlled mobile pet salon and a post-bath brush. It also includes a nail trim by an expert who will ensure your pet’s nails are safely clipped to the appropriate length. Your pet’s ears will be cleaned, and ear hair removed if necessary. Your pet’s soft, clean hair will be sprayed with a safe, non-toxic pet cologne, leaving your pet smelling fresh and pleasant. Your pet’s anal glands will be expressed if necessary.

    Deluxe Style
    This package includes everything outlined in the Bath & Brush package, as well as your choice of any of these additional services: a haircut/shave, a fluff dry, scissor grooming, painted nails, and a ribbon or bandana.

    Luxury Spa
    This package includes everything outlined in the Bath & Brush and Deluxe Style package, as well as your choice of any of these additional services: a Shed-less (Furminator) groom, tooth brushing for your pet, and a specialty shampoo and/or conditioning treatment.

    If you’re interested in pet grooming, dog or cat baths, hair cuts, or nail trims, contact us at EZ Petcare in Dallas, and ask about our Pet Love mobile pet grooming packages. Visit our website or call us today at (972) 243-8331 for more information.

  • What You Should Know About Parvovirus

    pet waste management in Dallas If your dog has diarrhea or has been vomiting, he or she may have parvovirus. Though adult dogs may only show minor symptoms or none at all, this disease can be deadly to puppies less than six months of age. Proper pet waste management can help curb the spread of parvovirus and ensure that your dog does not become a vector for infection.

    Parvovirus is transmitted mainly by dog poop. Even if no pet waste is visible, the virus itself can remain on surfaces and even on your dog’s fur for several months. To reduce the risk of transmission, make sure you give your dog regular baths and, if necessary, schedule regular grooming appointments. If you are the proud parent of a new puppy, you should make pet waste removal in your yard a top priority to ensure that your new pet does not contract this potentially fatal infection.

    Pet Butler services from EZ Pet Care take care of pet waste so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning your yard. Contact us at (972) 243-8331 for more information about our dog poop removal service.

  • Dangers of Dog Poop

    Unpleasant odors aren’t the only things that dog poop can leave behind. A number of microorganisms that may be present in pet waste—including viruses, bacteria, and parasites—can have negative impacts on your health.

    In some instances, the contaminants that thrive as a result of poor dog waste management can cause serious, permanent damage. One type of parasite can actually cause irreversible blindness. Watch this video to hear the story of how a parasite present in pet waste may have affected the vision of a little girl in the UK.

    For professional dog poop cleanup, contact EZ Pet Care of Dallas . Our Pet Butler service will clean your yard as often as you like to ensure that you and your family are not exposed to the dangers of dog poop. Call us at (972) 243-8331 to learn more.