• Keeping Your Dog Flea and Tick Free!

    Fleas and ticks cause major problems for your dog and for your home. With the help of Pet Love Grooming in Dallas , you can ensure that your dog’s coat is always clean and free of fleas and ticks:

    Take advantage of regular pet grooming services so you can spot any evidence of fleas or ticks early. You can also use special products like Ark Naturals Neem Protect Spray to give your dog an extra barrier of protection against fleas and ticks. You should also minimize areas in your yard that might attract fleas or ticks. Try to get rid of patches of wood or tall grass. Keep the grass short and the bushes trimmed.

    With the help of EZ Pet Care, you can keep your pet properly groomed. We also have pet waste removal services and dog food delivery. To learn more about our wide range of pet care services , visit us online or call (972) 243-8331.

  • Tips for Potty Training Your Puppy

    With patience, commitment, and consistency, you can teach your puppy how to take care of his business outside.

    Since the process might take several weeks, it is very important to stay patient. You should spend some time establishing a routine so the puppy knows when it is time to play, when it is time to eat, and when it is time to potty.

    Check out this video to learn more about potty training your puppy. Turn to EZ Pet Care for some of the best pet waste removal services in the city. We also offer mobile pet grooming services and dog food delivery to simplify the pet owning process. To learn more, call (972) 243-8331.

  • Tired of Scooping Up Poop? Try Professional Pet Waste Removal!

    If you feel like all you ever do in your backyard is pick up poop, it might be time to call for some help. Professional pet waste removal services in Dallas make it easier than ever to enjoy a clean and sanitary backyard. Keep reading to learn more about these pooper-scooping services and what they can do for you:

    Save Serious Time
    When you have to devote so much of your free time toward waste removal, it does not enable you to really enjoy being at home. If you leave the poop scooping to the professionals, though, you can make the most of your extra time in your clean yard.

    Spend More Time in the Yard

    Do you currently avoid your yard because it is almost impossible to step on the grass without stepping on some dog feces? If you want to utilize your backyard more often, you should hire a professional pet waste removal service to clean it up for you . With their regular cleaning services, you can once again enjoy the feeling of spending time in your backyard.

    Keep Your Yard More Sanitary
    Pet waste can make your yard seriously unsanitary. Diseases like giardia, roundworm, and salmonella can infect dogs, cats, and even humans through contact with feces. If you have a lot of dog waste in your yard, you might also get more flies, which could start a vicious cycle of fly infestations in your yard and in your home. If pet waste finds its way into the ground water, it could lead to serious health issues for the city. Hiring professional pet cleanup helps you avoid all of these issues.

    At EZ Pet Care , we make it simpler than ever to take advantage of pet waste removal services, dog grooming, and dog food delivery. We are always here to help with all of your pet needs. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (972) 243-8331.