• A Pet Parent’s Guide to Common Dog Dental Problems

    Preventive care can go a long way toward ensuring the health and happiness of your pet. Dental health in particular is important, as gum and tooth issues can cause pain and interfere with eating habits. Dogs can encounter the same kind of dental problems that humans often experience, so to protect your pet from these issues, now is the perfect time to begin practicing consistent oral care for your pooch.

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    Broken Teeth
    Dogs love to chew on nearly anything that they can get in their mouths, but this tendency can lead to cracked and chipped teeth. To prevent broken teeth, give your dog appropriate objects for him to chew on. Chew toys that can bend under the pressure of your dog’s bite help to ensure that his biting force won’t cause an accidental cracked tooth. When choosing toys, also be sure to  avoid items with hard parts  that could injure your pet.

    Tooth Infections
    Protecting your dog’s teeth from fractures can also prevent painful tooth infections. If your dog suffers a broken tooth that allows bacteria to enter the tooth’s interior, it can damage the inner soft tissues. As the infection grows, it can also cause pressure to build inside the tooth. This side effect can lead to pain, swelling, and loss of appetite. Should you notice any of these symptoms, contact a pet care expert who can examine your dog and suggest remedies for his discomfort.

    Inflamed Gums
    Dogs’ mouths contain bacteria that feed on food particles each time they eat a meal. Over time, this bacterial residue can form a sticky substance that clings to teeth, called plaque. Plaque can inflame canine gum tissues and cause tooth loss. The best deterrent to inflamed gums is a consistent oral hygiene routine. If you find it difficult to brush your dog’s teeth on your own, enlist the help of a professional dog grooming service that can quickly and effectively clean and brighten your dog’s smile.

    Pet Butler of Dallas, Metro Pet, and Pet Love Mobile Grooming can see to it that your dog looks and feels his best. To  learn more  about our teeth cleaning services, call (972) 591-0319. We offer our services to pet owners and their furry friends residing in the greater Dallas region.

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  • Backyard Dangers of Pet Waste

    Pet cleanup is a mandatory part of having a dog. While many pet owners make sure that they clean up after their dogs on walks, they may not be as quick to remove waste found in their own backyards. However, letting poop remain in your backyard can have dangerous consequences for your family, other animals, and the greater community.

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    Human Disease
    Pet waste can contain any number of diseases, including roundworms, giardia, parvovirus, and hookworms. The longer that dog poop is left in the open, the greater the chance that these viruses could come into contact with humans. If your dog eats his feces and then licks your face, his waste could  infect you with giardia or roundworm . If you have children, they too can get sick if they play in the backyard and come into contact with your pet’s poop. Prompt removal of dog waste is the best way to avoid these problems.

    Pet Sickness
    Do you have doggie dates for your canine friend? If so, you might be putting your pooch’s pals at risk when you leave his waste in your backyard. Dogs often taste curious objects, including feces, when exploring the world around them. So when you have other dogs at your home, they might try to lick or eat the waste in your yard. Unfortunately, this could result in the spread of multiple viruses to otherwise healthy animals.

    Water Contamination
    Dog poop may be natural, but it can have disastrous consequences for the environment. Because of the many contaminants in dog feces, it should never be allowed to decompose in your backyard. Especially if you live in an area prone to precipitation, it’s important to remove dog waste before a rainstorm quickly breaks it down and washes it into the closest water source. Despite the effectiveness of water purification systems, pet waste in the water can lead to widespread illness should animals or individuals come into contact with it.

    Protect yourself, your family, and your pet with Pet Butler of Dallas. Our dog waste removal services can save you the time and energy of keeping up with your backyard cleaning needs.  For more information  on our Dallas-area services, call (972) 591-0319.

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  • People Foods Pose Dangers to Dogs

    Even when your dog begs for a bite of your meal, it’s important to resist his request for a taste. As this video explains, many human foods can cause serious harm when fed to dogs.

    Some people might be surprised to learn that many healthy human foods can actually hurt their canine friends. For instance, some fruits and vegetables, including onions, grapes, and avocados, can wreak havoc on the health of your dog. Dairy products can also upset your dog’s digestive system. Coffee, tea, soda, and other caffeinated beverages can likewise cause health issues when given to a dog.

    Just like humans, dogs need dental care to remove the plaque that can build on teeth with each meal. Call Pet Butler of Dallas today at (972) 591-0319 to learn more about the pet grooming services we offer through our affiliate Pet Love Mobile Grooming. 

  • Pet Behavior: Reading the Tail Wag

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    Being able to correctly interpret your dog’s body language is essential for his health and your wellbeing. His tail in particular can provide important clues about how he is feeling at any given moment.

    Many people assume that a dog with a wagging tail is a friendly dog. However, dogs can wag their tails even when they feel nervous or afraid. Animal behavior experts note that when a dog wags his tail to the left, he is actually showing fear. A wagging tail that’s close to the ground can show anxiety as well. So before approaching any dog, observe how his tail is wagging. In many cases, a high wag signals that the dog is friendly and open to human interaction.

    Pet Butler of Dallas and our affiliates strive for the complete care and comfort of your canine friend. Call us today at (972) 591-0319 to speak with one of our associates about the Pet Butler, Metro Pet, and Pet Love Mobile Grooming care options for the greater Dallas community. You can visit our website as well for more details on our pet cleanup and wellness services.

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