• Spotlight on Our Deterrent Packages

    No pooping by dogs sign

    As part of our strategy to “stop the poo-lution” here in Dallas, Pet Butler is proud to offer additional services beyond our standard pet waste removal. Our deterrent packages, which include our Don’t Go There aid as well as The Piddle Post, work together over the course of 13 weeks to train your pet where to do his business, which can help to cut down on the amount of waste scattered around your yard. The first package, Don’t Go There, can be applied once per week to any area of the yard that is up to 500 square feet in size. Once this environmentally-friendly product settles in, it immediately discourages your pup from relieving himself in that area. While Don’t Go There discourages waste elimination in certain areas of your outdoor space, The Piddle Post does the opposite by effectively encouraging your pooch to do his business in a designated area. The Piddle Post can be applied in one or more areas and is safe for your pet and the environment.

    Are you interested in pet waste removal services? The best way to learn more about how these packages can enhance regular pooper scooper services is to call the pet waste removal experts of Pet Butler today at (972) 591-0319.

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  • Benefits of Fruit and Nut Scooping

    Here at Pet Butler of Dallas , we’re proud to offer more than just professional pet cleanup services. Since 1988, we’ve also been helping city residents keep their yards clean and pet-friendly by offering fruit and nut scooping. Here is a look at just a few of the benefits of our fruit and nut scooping service.

    fruits of black walnut tree

    Keeping Pets Safe
    It’s not just humans who can be negatively affected by fruit and nut allergens. In fact, dogs are highly susceptible to  toxic ingestion  due to consuming nuts, such as black walnuts that have grown moldy, pecans, and macadamia nuts. We can remove potentially harmful nuts from your yard and eliminate the risk of illness or worse for your beloved pet.

    Enjoying an Attractive Yard
    Now that summertime is here and temperatures are on the rise, there’s a good chance that you and your family will be enjoying your outdoor space more frequently. Fallen fruits and nuts can be unsightly, have a bad odor, attract unwanted pests, and even be a tripping hazard. To make sure that your yard is in top form and free from fruits and nuts, simply give us a ring. We will make sure that your yard is ready for barbecues, pool parties, and casual summer evenings.

    Saving Time
    Between taking care of kids and pets, working, and keeping the interior of your home tidy, it’s tough to find time to address your exterior space at the end of the day. Booking a simple fruit and nut scooping service with our dog waste removal company is a great way to save yourself time and energy. Since we charge an affordable by-the-minute rate, our fruit and nut scooping service is also affordable!

    If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of fruit and nut scooping, speak to one of our pet waste removal professionals today. Each friendly face here at Pet Butler is dedicated to making sure that your particular needs are met. Call us at (972) 591-0319 or visit our website to  find out more

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  • Why Your Dog Needs a Haircut

    One of the simplest ways to create a healthy environment for both pets and families is to invest in regular pet waste removal services. If you’re looking for other easy and effective ways to ensure your pet’s wellbeing, be sure to ask about Pet Butler’s mobile grooming service, Pet Love. Continue reading to find out why your dog needs regular grooming and haircuts.

    Dog Scratching Flea

    Prevent Irritation and Matting
    One of the biggest reasons why you should treat your dog to regular haircuts is to prevent her hair from becoming matted. Long hair can easily tangle and create knots over time that are incredibly difficult to brush through. In addition to being unsightly, matting often leads to skin irritation since items like twigs, dirt, and even a pet’s own waste can become caught up in the matted fur.

    Monitor Wellbeing
    A grooming session presents the perfect opportunity for you to carefully investigate the health of your pet’s skin and coat. Skin conditions such as rashes can be indicative of an underlying condition such as a parasite, cancer, or a metabolic issue. Once your pet’s fur is clean and neatly trimmed, it will be easier for you to check your pet for skin issues and other health conditions.

    Keep Your Pet Happy and Comfortable
    Certain dog breeds are incredibly susceptible to irritation and discomfort if not groomed often, particularly those that do not regularly shed. Having your dog’s fur cut can help prevent these problems. Haircuts can also provide dogs that have thick coats with some much needed relief during the warm summer months here in Dallas.

    If your dog or cat could use a haircut, be sure to inquire about the services provided by Pet Love Mobile Grooming. Quick, efficient, and affordable grooming is just one of the many services that we’re proud to offer. If you also need to schedule a yard cleanup while your dog is being groomed,  Pet Butler  can help. To learn more about our pet waste removal options, call (972) 591-0319.

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