• Tips for Dealing With Carpet Stains From Pets

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    Having a pet can be one of life’s great joys, but it also comes with a certain set of responsibilities. Pets must be taught where to use the bathroom, and even when they are housetrained, accidents can sometimes happen. Pet waste is unsanitary, smelly, and can leave unsightly stains on the carpets in your home if not treated properly. Read on to learn how to deal with carpet stains from your pet’s accidents. 

    Get to the Root of the Problem
    There are many different reasons why your dog or cat might be soiling your carpets . The first is that your pet might not be properly housetrained. Whether you got your pet as a puppy or kitten or when he was already an adult, he’ll need to be acclimated to his surroundings and shown that he should use the bathroom outside or in the litter box. Animals don’t automatically know this, which is why it’s up to you to be consistent with your training. Your pet could also be eliminating inside because of separation anxiety or as a submissive behavior. In some cases, soiling inside the house could be a sign of a medical problem. It’s important to understand what is causing the behavior so you can begin to fix it. 

    Use an Enzymatic Cleaner
    Animals are creatures of habit, and use their noses to gather information about their world. If your pet is using your carpet as a bathroom, the mess should be cleaned up so that the scent doesn’t draw him back to the same spot. Use a cleaner with enzymes that eliminate stains and odors from pet waste so that your four-legged friend isn’t tempted to come back to what he thinks is his own personal bathroom. 

    Pet Butler of Dallas does more than just remove pet waste from your yard. With Metro Pet Care, we also bring you high-quality products that every pet owner needs, including odor and stain removers for indoor pet accidents. Call us at (972) 591-0319 to learn more about our services for pet waste removal, mobile pet grooming, and more. 

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  • Preparing Your Home for Summer Parties


    Summer is finally here again, which means it’s time to start thinking about throwing a backyard barbecue , pool party, or game night at your house. Throwing a party takes a bit of planning, from deciding who to invite to getting your home ready for your guests. Amidst all the party planning, don’t forget to set aside time to make your house—and your pets—party-ready. Keep reading to learn how to prepare your home for your next summer party.

    The Backyard
    Now that the weather is nicer and the sun is shining, it’s a great time to have people over to hang out and frolic in your backyard. However, you don’t want your guests accidentally stepping in a pile of pet waste in the middle of your party. Hire a pet waste removal service to make sure your yard is fully free of any “landmines” left by your furry friends. This gives you a much more sanitary yard, and will set your mind at ease if any of your guests should choose to go barefoot.

    The House
    Summer in Dallas can be rather hot, so it’s essential that you prepare the inside of your home for your party, as well. Guests may take refuge from the heat, or just come inside to use the restroom. Either way, you’ll want to be sure that your clutter is picked up, your kitchen is spotless, and that your carpets are free from any pesky stains from pet accidents. Look for an enzymatic cleaner to remove spots and odors that could leave you feeling embarrassed in front of your guests.

    The Pet
    You take great care in how you present yourself at your party, so why not do the same for your pet? Have your pal groomed before the party so that he’s fully ready to receive all of the attention that will be bestowed on him by your party guests. Mobile pet grooming is a great choice when you are too busy making preparations for the party to take him anywhere.

    Your next summer party can be a great success with the help of Pet Butler and Pet Love Mobile Grooming . Give us a call at (972) 591-0319 to learn how we can make your Dallas home and your pet cleaner and more comfortable.

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  • House Training Adult Dogs

    House training your dog is an essential part of responsible pet ownership, but it’s not just puppies who need to be trained. Watch this video to learn how to house train an adult dog.

    No matter how old the dog is that you want to house train, you’ll want to use a crate in the training process. The crate should be an appropriate size for your dog so that he won’t want to use part of it as a bathroom. Each time you take your dog outside and show him where to eliminate, watch him carefully and praise him once he does his business. Positive reinforcement is very important when it comes to training your pet.

    Pet Butler of Dallas is here to help you once your dog has learned where to go to the bathroom. Call us at (972) 591-0319 to learn why you should trust us to remove pet waste from your yard, and visit our website for a complete look at all of our services. 

  • When to Give a Pet Love Gift Certificate


    You love your pet, and for good reason. Your pet is your best friend, a steadfast companion, and always there to make you laugh whether you’re feeling happy or sad. Getting your pet groomed helps to keep him clean, healthy, and happy, and the same goes for your friends’ pets. A gift certificate to Pet Love Mobile Grooming is the perfect gift for any pet lover in your life. You can give a Pet Love gift certificate when your friend moves into a new home with a pet, or decides to adopt a four-legged friend for the first time. A Pet Love gift certificate is also the perfect way to wish your friend’s pet a happy birthday or to celebrate the anniversary of your friend’s pet adoption.

    Give a Pet Love gift certificate for adoptions, birthdays, thank-yous, anniversaries, or just because! Call us at (972) 591-0319 to find out more about our mobile grooming service. Don’t forget to inquire about all of the Pet Butler services, including waste removal and pet food delivery around the Dallas area. 

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