• Keep Track of Your Dog’s Health

    Cellphone for you!

    The Dog Health app for Android phones makes it easy to keep track of your dog’s health history. From remembering visits to the vet to distinguishing between medications, this app helps you stay organized with your pet care.

    You can keep all relevant information in one convenient location to ensure that your dog is in top health. Download the app to stay up-to-date on everything having to do with your dog’s wellbeing.

    EZpetcare.com brings you Pet Butler of Dallas, Metro Pet, and Pet Love to help you properly care for your pet. With our pet waste removal , pet food delivery, and mobile grooming services, we make it more convenient to own a pet in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call (855) 999-3973 or visit us online to learn more.

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  • Your Guide to Giardia Disease

    Giardia intestinalis is a common parasite that regularly attacks humans, dogs, and cats. These parasites make their way to the intestine and can cause uncomfortable symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Keep reading to learn more about Giardia disease and what it can do:

    Dog pooping

    It Can Travel through Fecal Matter
    Giardia is spread through fecal matter. If contaminated pet waste is not properly removed, it can seep into the ground and the city’s water supply. Animals and humans can both come into contact with the parasite by drinking the water. Once a human or an animal ingests a cyst, it breaks open and starts to divide to increase its numbers. If someone ingests these cysts, they will need medicine to get rid of them.

    It Might Not Cause any Noticeable Symptoms
    Although many animals with Giardia disease have diarrhea and dysentery, there are others who show no symptoms at all. Sometimes the disease can lead to weight loss, lethargy, mucus in the stool, or even anorexia. If you notice any of these signs, you  should bring your pet to the vet for a full examination  so the doctor can determine whether or not the animal needs treatment.

    It Should Be Treated Even without Symptoms
    If you find out that your animal has Giardia disease, it is important to get treatment even if there are no symptoms. Your vet can prescribe a medication, either metronidazole or quinacrine, to decrease the symptoms and restore your pet’s health.

    Turn to  Pet Butler of Dallas  and EZpetcare.com can help you prevent the spread of this uncomfortable disease. With our sanitary pet waste removal services, we can keep fecal matter from seeping into the ground and the city water supply. Our professional pooper scoopers know the proper way to dispose of this waste to keep your property sanitary. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (855) 999-3973. 

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  • A Look at Our Non-Scooping Services

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    At Pet Butler of Dallas, we give you the dog waste removal services you need to keep your yard clean and sanitary. We also offer additional products and services to enhance your life as a dog owner. Keep reading to learn more:

    The Don’t Go There Application is a training aid that helps you prevent your pet from going to areas of the yard where you do not want him to go. We also have an Odor Eliminating Yard Deodorizer to get rid of the smell of your animal’s urine and feces. We can also Feed and Water Your Pet when you are not at home.

    Pet Butler of Dallas wants you to love every aspect of being a pet owner. Take advantage of our pet waste removal services and additional products and services. Visit us online or call (855) 999-3973 to sign up for our dog waste removal or to order some of our products.

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