• Why Nail Trimming is Essential for Dogs

    Grooming your dog helps you do more for your animal that improve his appearance. Regular nail trimming is beneficial for both you and the dog. Keep reading to find out what this grooming service can do:


    It Keeps the Nails from Breaking
    If you allow your dog’s nails to get too long, they are more likely to break. Anytime a nail breaks, it is painful for the animal. It also puts the dog at risk for infection, which could lead to much more serious health issues. Simply  trimming the nails on a regular basis  lowers these risks and keeps the animal comfortable.

    It Helps Dogs Maintain their Balance
    Keeping the nails short can actually improve the way your dog moves. Long nails throw off the animal’s ability to rebalance when changing its direction of movement. Short nails also encourage better posture. A dog’s brain is wired to move weight between different legs depending on the surface on which the animal is running. If the nails are too long, these signals get messed up, which can cause the animal to put too much weight on the hind legs.

    It Prevents Discomfort
    The longer your animal’s nails get, the more uncomfortable it is for him to walk, especially on surfaces in your home. You should not be able to hear the sound of nails clipping against the floor as the animal walks around the home. A professional groomer can trim your dog’s nails to the perfect length to keep the animal moving comfortably.

    With the help of  Pet Love Mobile Grooming  and EZpetcare.com, you can ensure that your dog’s nails are always the perfect length. Our mobile services make it easy to keep your pets looking and feeling great. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (855) 999-3973.

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  • Incorporating Treats into Your Dog’s Diet

    Feeding your dog high-quality pet food is important for ensuring that she lives a happy, healthy life. You can spice up your pet’s diet a bit by feeding her treats every so often. Check out this guide to learn more about incorporating treats into your dog’s diet.


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    When to Incorporate Treats
    The best time to give your dog treats is between meals—this will make the treats more enjoyable for your pet. Giving your dog treats during training sessions is ideal, as this allows you to reward good behaviors. Be sure to feed your pet the treat immediately after the desired behavior, as this will help your dog associate the treat with the behavior. You may also want to keep treats on hand throughout the day to encourage good behavior outside of your training sessions.

    How to Incorporate Treats
    When you are offering your dog a treat to encourage good behavior, hold the treat in your hand and let your dog smell it to know it’s there. If you are giving your pet a few different treats during a training session, save your dog’s favorite type for last. Do not let your dog take the treat roughly from your hand—instead, encourage her to take it gently.

    Which Treats to Choose
    There are many different  dog treats  available. Your dog may prefer one type over another, so it can be helpful to purchase a few options for your dog to try. It’s important to look over the ingredients so that you can be sure you aren’t negatively affecting your dog’s diet with the treats. Avoid treats with long lists of ingredients that include several preservatives and chemicals, as well as treats with high amounts of fat. Your dog will likely prefer treats that have a high-quality meat product as the primary ingredient.

    Metro Pet by EZpetcare.com  offers a variety of high-quality treats that your pet will love. Our selection includes treats that help promote dental health, treats that offer essential nutrients, and more. To find out what we have to offer your pet, call us today at (855) 999-3973.

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  • Benefits of One-on-One Grooming for Pets


    Regular grooming can help ensure that your pet’s skin and coat are clean and healthy. However, your pet may dread going to the grooming salon. Grooming salons often have several pets being groomed at the same time, and pets may spend quite a bit of time sitting in a kennel. On the other hand, if you schedule grooming appointments with a mobile groomer, your pet will be able to enjoy one-on-one attention from the groomer.

    When your pet is being groomed by a mobile groomer, he will be the only pet in the grooming van. If your pet tends to be uncomfortable around other animals, this type of grooming will be ideal. In addition, the groomer will be able to focus on getting your pet bathed, brushed, and trimmed without him spending time in a kennel. This means that the grooming appointment can go faster and be more enjoyable for your pet.

    Are you interested in scheduling an appointment for your pet with a mobile groomer in Dallas? If so, Pet Love and EZpetcare.com can help. For  more information , call us today at (888) 672-4158.

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  • What Pet Owners Should Know about Roundworms

    If you are a pet owner, you know how important it is to keep your pet healthy. One of the health risks that dogs and cats face is roundworms. Here is an overview of what you should know about roundworms and how they can affect your pet .

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    What Roundworms Are
    Roundworms are parasites in the genus  Ascaris . There are multiple roundworm species that can affect pets— Toxocara canis  commonly infects dogs, while  Toxocara cati  commonly infects cats.  Toxascaris leonina  is a species of roundworm that can infect both dogs and cats. These worms resemble cooked spaghetti in appearance, and make their way to the stomach and intestines of the animals they infect.

    How Roundworms Spread
    There are several ways that an  animal can become infected by roundworms . Pregnant animals can pass them on to their young while they are in utero, and young animals can also contract them from their mother’s milk. It is also possible for pets to ingest eggs that are in soil, and the worms can be passed on when a pet eats an infected animal, such as a mouse. Eggs that are in soil get there through the solid waste of infected animals.

    How You Can Keep Your Pet Safe
    Since roundworms can be passed on through solid waste, it’s essential to ensure that your yard is kept free of pet waste. Fresh waste is not dangerous, but can leave infective eggs that may remain in the soil for years. Young pets may exhibit vomiting and diarrhea if they are infected with roundworms, while adult pets generally do not show any signs of infection. Some animals may have a pot-bellied appearance and decreased appetite if they are infected with a large number of worms. Adult worms can sometimes be passed through an infected pet’s stool. If you notice any of these signs, bring your pet to visit your veterinarian.

    EZpetcare.com’s Pet Butler can help you remove pet waste from your yard for cleanliness and safety. We offer pet waste removal services throughout the Dallas area. If you would like to know more about our pet cleanup services, contact Pet Butler  online  or at (888) 672-4158.

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