• Comparing Wet Dog Food to Dry Dog Food

    Both wet and dry dog foods can benefit your pet. Finding the right one for your animal is largely based on your dog’s preference.

    Wet food can be used when giving your dog medication to entice him to take it. You can also add it to dry food to encourage better eating habits. Dry food is often less expensive and many dogs actually prefer the crunch of it. Some dry foods can even help get rid of tarter and plaque. Learn more about these foods and their benefits in this video.

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  • Which Grooming Package is Right for Your Pet?

    Help your pet look its best with regular grooming appointments. Not only does grooming improve the look and feel of your animal’s coat, but it can also allow you to check to make sure that your pet’s skin is healthy. Keep reading for more information on grooming packages so you can find the right one for your needs:

    Couple of puppies

    Bath & Brush
    If your pet is pretty clean, you might want to opt for the quick Bath & Brush Package. This comes with a bath, hair brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and eye hair removal services. Your pet will also get some body spray to give him or her a delicious aroma.

    Deluxe Style
    Enhance your pet’s experience with the groomer  by choosing the Deluxe Style Package. On top of all of the services you get in the Bath & Brush Package, you can also choose to include a haircut or shavedown, a fluff dry, scissoring, nail painting, and finish off the look with a ribbon or a bandana.

    The Luxury Spa Package
    Give your pet a day of rest and relaxation with the Luxury Spa Package. This gives you all of the services from both the Bath & Brush and the Deluxe Style Packages while also offering an even bigger selection. You can choose to add on some time with the FURminator to get rid of extra hair, a throughout teeth brushing, a conditioning treatment, or even a wash with specialty shampoo. The Luxury Spa Package is the ultimate grooming experience.

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  • Spotlight on Supplements

    Supplements can help your animals get nutrients that they might be missing in their regular food. If your pet has a specific issue, you can find a supplement that can help. Keep reading to learn more about supplements and what they can do.

    Reflected Kitty

    From Joint Rescue to Omega-3 Fish Oil for pets, Metro Pet has a huge selection of supplements that can help to make your animal as healthy as possible. We stock natural products that can keep your pet happy while traveling, help with digestion, and even improve bone health. If your pet’s diet is lacking in a certain area, these supplements can help get it to where it needs to go.

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  • Choosing Between Wet and Dry Dog Food

    Your pet is a part of your family and you want to do all you can to treat him or her well. Both wet and dry dog food have their perks and choosing the right one for your animal depends on a few factors. Keep reading to figure out which style is the best for your dog’s needs:

    Good Dog Food

    Wet Dog Food
    As the name suggests, wet food is full of water, which means it can help your animal stay hydrated. It is also softer on the teeth, which makes it a good source of food for animals that have dental issues. Wet food is usually more fragrant than dry food too, so it is easier for older dogs to smell. It is also a good option for a dog that does not have a huge appetite, because they will probably find the smell more appealing than the dry food. Wet food can be messier than dry food, though, so be cautious if your dog eats in an area that you do not want to get dirty.  Wet food  is also perishable, so you have to use it up before it goes bad.

    Dry Dog Food
    Many people consider dry dog food a much more convenient option for their pets. It does not really require any special storage considerations and once you open it, you do not have to worry about it going bad. Many kinds of dry dog food are specially infused with ingredients that can help keep a dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

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  • How Your Dog’s Fur Coat Changes with the Seasons

    Animals adapt to keep them safe and comfortable throughout the year. A dog’s coat changes with the seasons to compensate for the different weather. Keep reading to learn more about changes in the dog’s coat and when they occur:

    Beautiful Golden Retriever Running Towards the Camera

    After the cold of winter ends, a dog sheds the heavier, thicker fur. This is replaced by short, light hair that is ideal for the summer months. Once the fall comes back around, though, the hair once again grows in thicker to keep the animal warm throughout the entire winter. Certain dog breeds shed more than others, but they all have coats that change with the weather.

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