• Understanding Your Cat’s Nutritional Needs

    Feeding your cat the right kind of food is a huge aspect of a healthy and long life. You want to find food that is suitable for your cat’s needs to ensure that he or she gets the right kind of nutrition.

    Look for foods that are free of preservatives and additives. If your cat is in good health, dry food is usually the best option. If your cat needs more liquid, however, you might want to choose moist food. Check out this video for more tips.

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  • Important Guidelines for Feeding Your Puppy

    The puppy years are an important time in your dog’s life. Without the proper nutrition, your canine companion cannot grow to his or her full size. If you have brought a puppy home, it is important to give it the right kinds of food in the right quantities. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep your puppy healthy and growing into a strong, full-grown dog:

    Two lab puppies

    The Beginning Stages
    A puppy does not start eating real food until it is around three or four weeks old and should only get a small amount of food until it is used to the act of eating. At first, your puppy might treat the food like a toy, but it will eventually realize what it is and should have no trouble eating it.

    Portion Control
    Small-breed dogs, which are those that weigh 20 pounds or less, usually only eat until full. Medium and large breeds, however, have a tendency to overeat if you let them and pack on the pounds. Keep your dogs at  healthy weights  by using portion control and only giving them the food they need. If puppies eat too much, they might grow too fast and experience painful growth spurts.

    Treat Percentages
    Do not feel like you cannot give your puppy treats, but you should be careful not to overdo it. Since your dog is already getting plenty of calories from the food, you should pay attention to how many treats you feed it. Make sure that treats add up to no more than five percent of the daily caloric intake.

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  • How Bacteria from Dog Poop Threatens City Air

    Researchers have recently discovered high amounts of organic materials like bacteria that are in city air supplies could actually come from improper pet waste removal. These bacteria can eventually lead to plant diseases, which could eventually trigger problems in humans. Infected plants can be responsible for asthma and other seasonal allergies that make it harder to breathe.

    Portrait of Senior Couple with Dog

    When dog poop is not disposed of in the proper manner, it can make its way into the air and contaminate it. If you are a pet owner, hiring a pet waste removal service can help you avoid contributing to this pollution and do your part to maintain the air quality of your city.

    Pet Butler of Dallas  makes it easy to get rid of dog poop the safe way. Our professional waste removal services take care of the feces so you do not have to do it. To learn more about our services, visit our website or call (888) 672-4158. 

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  • Caring for Your Pet’s Coat During Colder Months

    Pets also need special treatment during the winter. With a few simple changes to your regular grooming routine, you can help your pet look and feel its best. Use the following tips to ensure that your pet’s coat is properly cared for throughout the winter months:

    Dog grooming

    Brush More Frequently
    A dog’s fur is designed to change with the season. Although the weather outside might be cold, it is probably warm and dry inside of your house. Because of this, you might find that your dog sheds more during the winter months. If you see a lot more hair around the house, it is not something that should alarm you. Brush your dog  more frequently during the winter months  to keep the hair off of your furniture.

    Do Not Let Your Dog Outside when Wet
    If you do bathe your dog, make sure it is completely dry before going outside. When the fur is wet, it is no longer to provide the natural insulation that your pet needs to stay warm in cold weather. A dog with wet fur has about as much protection from the cold as a person wearing a thin T-shirt.

    Take Your Dog to the Groomer
    If you want to really care for your dog’s coat during the winter, you should take it in for regular grooming sessions. The groomer can give the animal a moisturizing bath that helps replenish winter fur and keep the coat healthy all winter long.

    EZpetcare.com provides services like  Pet Love  so you can get the grooming treatments you need to keep your dog’s coat in top shape all winter long. With our grooming and pet waste removal services in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, we make it easier than ever to be a responsible pet owner. For more information on our services, check out our website or call (888) 672-4158. 

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