How to Safely Bathe Your Dog in the Winter

Dogs love running, playing, and getting dirty. That is why they require baths every once in a while! Bathing your dog is important for removing dirt and oil and helping him maintain a healthy and shining coat. If you are worried about how to safely bathe your dog during the cold months of winter, find tips with this guide:

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Use a Hair Dryer
If you want to wash your dog during the cold months of winter, it is important to make sure he can stay warm during and after the process. Towels are important during any bathing session, but they are especially important for wintertime baths. Even if you use absorbent towels, it is important to also use a hair dryer to get your dog fully dry. Keep the hair dryer on a very low setting to maintain safety and keep your dog calm.

Try Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is not just for humans—it can also be for dogs! Many of today’s dog shampoo makers produce dry shampoo products that can be used to keep dogs clean without any water. These products can be sprayed on to absorb dirt and oil that build up in dog fur. Spraying dry shampoo on your dog and gently brushing the product through his fur will make him look and feel cleaner. Dry shampoo is a great option for dog owners who do not want to get their dogs completely wet  during the winter .

Hire a Professional
If your dog is in serious need of a bath, dry shampoo may not do the trick. Make sure your dog can stay safe and warm while receiving a wintertime bath by hiring a professional. Look for a pet grooming company that offers bathing services to get your dog clean and shiny.

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