• Choosing the Best Puppy Food

    Bringing a puppy home is always exciting. You can make sure your home is ready for this new addition by stocking up on everything your puppy needs. This includes a place to sleep, toys to play with, and plenty of nutritious food to eat.

    Learn how to choose the best food for your puppy by watching this video. Dogs experience their fastest growth during the first six months of life, which is why puppy nutrition is so important. You can talk to your veterinarian to find out whether dry kibble, semi-moist, or moist food is the right choice for your puppy.

    Pet Butler of Dallas can help you keep your yard clean once your puppy gets used to using the bathroom outside. Give us a call at (888) 672-4158 to learn about our Dallas pooper scooper services.

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  • The Link Between Dog Waste and Children’s Health

    Links between dog waste and potentially harmful parasites and bacteria make it more important than ever to properly handle your pet waste removal. Dogs can carry parasites like round word and bacteria like E. coli, which pose great risk to humans.

    Boy Hugging Dog

    Unfortunately, children are often at a higher risk than adults of coming into contact with these parasites and bacteria. Since they play in the dirt and grass, they might unknowingly get it onto their hands. If they touch their mouths or eyes, they could get very sick.

    Protect your children from the dangers of dog waste by using  Pet Butler  for your Dallas pooper scooper needs. By safely removing dog waste, we reduce the risks for exposure to harmful contaminants found in the feces. To learn more about our mobile grooming and pet food delivery services or to set up a Pet Butler appointment, visit our website or call (888) 672-4158.

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