• A Quick Look at Pet Love’s Services

    Does your pet get nervous when you take him to get groomed? Many cats and dogs do. That’s why Pet Love comes to you! Our mobile grooming company takes the anxiety out of pet care by making trips to your Dallas area home each time you want to spruce up your furry friend. Our grooming vehicles are fully equipped with the tools needed to keep your cat or dog clean and beautiful. Because our grooming experts come to you, you can rest assured that your cat or dog will be at ease during each salon session. If your schedule makes it difficult to pencil in an appointment at home, we would be happy to come to your office, too!

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    Pet Love  can help you keep your pet perfectly groomed at all times, and Pet Butler can see to it that your lawn is free of pet waste. For either service, call (888) 672-4158. Together we can stop the poo-lution!

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  • Why Parks Insist that You Clean Up After Your Pet

    Does your dog get excited at the mere mention of going to the park? If trips to the local park are a part of your puppy bonding time, it’s essential that you pick up any excrement that your pooch may leave behind. In fact, many parks require that pet owners clean up after their animals or risk a penalty. The following information details why diligent pet waste removal both at home and in the park is so important:

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    Risk to Other Dogs
    Dog excrement can contain several contaminants that may  cause considerable health hazards to animals  that come into contact with it. Consistent veterinarian checkups can help prevent and detect diseases such as giardia and roundworm, but these illnesses can quickly pass from one dog to another even if both animals have regular professional care. Stopping the transmission of these potentially life-threatening conditions rests upon removing dog excrement before another pooch finds it.

    Hazard to Humans
    Some of the diseases found in dogs can infect humans as well. That’s why you should immediately scoop up your animal’s excrement and prevent him from exploring feces left behind by other pooches. Should your dog touch, lick, or consume even a small amount of excrement, he can put you and your family at risk for tapeworm, hookworm, and other diseases.

    Threat to the Environment
    If you don’t pick up after your dog, consider where it can eventually end up. Precipitation can move your animal’s excrement from the dog park to the nearest sewer system. With time, it may then collect in your community’s water reserve or natural bodies of water. To protect your pet, your family, and your neighborhood, pick up after your dog each time you take a trip to the dog park.

    Stop the poo-lution with Pet Butler! Our pet waste removal services for the greater Dallas area can help keep both our human and canine citizens happy and healthy.  For more information  on our pooper scooper options, call (888) 672-4158.

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  • What to Feed Your Kitten

    Do you have a furry bundle of joy at home? Like a newborn baby, a new kitten requires ample nutrition to grow into a robust adult. With the numerous choices of kitten food, however, it can be difficult to discern what to feed your pet and just how often she should eat. To keep your kitten full of energy, keep in mind these feeding tips:

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    Food Types
    Kittens two months and older should be completely done with nursing. To ensure that your kitten is  getting the requisite amount of nutrients  that she needs, start her on a diet that incorporates wet food. An entirely dry diet can make it challenging for tiny mouths to digest their food. Wet food offers softer ingredients for easier consumption. Also, be sure to check the ingredients for protein content. Growing kittens need a diet that contains at least a third of protein to meet their nutritional demands.

    Meal Frequency
    Veterinarians recommend that adult cats eat no more than twice a day to keep their weight at a normal level. Kittens, on the other hand, can eat more often to satisfy their developmental needs. It’s up to you to decide your kitten’s feeding schedule. Providing her with food up to four times a day is acceptable by many pet expert standards.

    Diet Changes
    As you watch over your new kitten, look for signs that her diet may not be suitable for her needs. Dull fur or low weight may indicate that a certain brand of kitten food is not providing the vitamins and nutrients your pet demands. To avoid malnourishment, consult a pet food expert that can advise on reputable kitten food brands.

    Pet Butler and Metro Pet can take care of your pet’s nutritional and waste removal needs. Call our Dallas location today at (888) 672-4158 to learn more about our choices in cat and dog food. You can also  visit our website  for additional information on our pet waste removal services.

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  • How to Litter Box Train Your Cat

    Do you have a cat that has yet to learn how to use a litter box? This video offers helpful techniques to teach your furry friend the correct way to answer nature’s call.

    When your cat finishes her meal, take her to the litter box. Demonstrate with her front paws the stroking action she would perform before going to the bathroom. When your cat uses her litter box, reward her with petting or playtime. If your cat has an accident on the floor or carpet, do not scold her. Simply take her first to the accident site and then to the litter box to reinforce proper elimination habits.

    Pet Butler offers  pet cleanup  services for outdoor pets. To find out more about our pooper scooper options for pet owners in the greater Dallas area, call (888) 672-4158.

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