• Why You Should Be Concerned About Your Dog’s Diarrhea

    Nobody likes spending too much time around pet waste, but it is important to keep an eye on your pet’s bathroom habits. That is because a number of factors can cause dogs to suffer from diarrhea. Some of these factors are not serious and do not last long, but others can be more severe and require medical attention.

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    If you have noticed that your dog has diarrhea, it is important to avoid feeding him for the next 12 to 24 hours and provide plenty of fresh water. This can help get whatever is causing the diarrhea out of your dog’s system so that he can go back to his regular routine. Diarrhea can be caused by a change in diet or ingestion of something bad or foreign. It can also be caused by serious medical concerns, which is why it is important to visit a vet if the diarrhea lasts longer than one day.

    Changing your dog’s food may be the best way to maintain his health and prevent diarrhea in the future. Find a variety of amazing food brands from  Pet Butler  and Metro Pet! Learn about our selection by calling us today at (888) 672-4158.

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  • The Benefits of Mobile Grooming for You and Your Dog

    When was the last time your pet received some pampering? Pet grooming does much more than make dogs and cats look better; it also plays an important role in their health and wellbeing. Investing in professional pet grooming helps your pet stay clean and energetic. If you do not have time to visit a pet groomer, you can gain these benefits from mobile grooming :

    Brush for animals

    Frequent Grooming Services
    A lot of pet owners take on the responsibility of brushing their pets’ fur at home. These grooming habits are only useful if they are consistent—but many homeowners do not have the time to stay consistent. Mobile grooming services makes it much easier for your pet to get the grooming he needs on a regular basis. This results in cleaner and softer fur that is less likely to get tangled. 

    Proper Nail Trimming
    If you have ever gotten an accidental scratch  from your furry friend , you already know the importance of nail trimming for pets. Many pet owners hesitate to trim their pets’ nails because it is easy to accidently clip the nerve known as the quick, which can lead to pain and bleeding. Mobile groomers have the right tools and experience to gently trim animal nails without the fear.

    Less Stress
    It is easy to feel stressed out when you have to worry about finding time to visit the groomer. Even if there is a groomer located near your home, it can be difficult to take a break from responsibilities to drop your pet off and pick him up at the end of the appointment. Avoid the stress by having the groomer come to you with mobile grooming.

    Helpful Tips
    Groomers examine various body parts during the appointment in order to make sure their clients’ pets are healthy. If your mobile groomer notices anything wrong, he or she will be able to offer helpful tips for maintaining your pet’s health and wellbeing.

    Make sure your pet gets the grooming he needs by contacting Pet Butler and Pet Love Mobile Grooming.  Check out  our website or call us at (888) 672-4158 for information about our Dallas pet waste removal, cleanup, and grooming services. 

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  • Factors to Consider When Deciding What to Feed Your Dog

    Welcoming a dog into the family is always exciting. If your family is getting ready to adopt a new furry family member, it is important to make sure your home is ready for the addition. You can accomplish this by investing in the right toys, accessories, and food from Metro Pet . Choose the right food for your new pet by considering these important factors:

    dog and a bowl

    Start your search for the perfect dog food by looking at the ingredients in each option. The best foods have a good combination of meat, vegetables, and fruits to provide the healthiest and most nutritious diet for dogs. Some brands fill their foods with wheat, grain, and other fillers that do not provide any nutritional benefits. Avoid foods with fillers and choose healthier ingredients for your new pup.

    Wet Versus Dry
    Some pet owners prefer buying large bags of dry kibble while others prefer purchasing cans of wet food to feed their dogs. Both options offer their own nutritional benefits and the best brands make  excellent foods in both dry and wet styles . If you do not want to choose between the two, consider mixing dry and wet food for your dog.

    Your Pet’s Specific Needs
    You should also consider your pet’s specific needs when choosing a specific food brand or type. Many brands provide different options for different ages, allowing you to find the proper nutritional fit for your puppy or older dog. You should also consider your dog’s breed as well as any unique health concerns he may have when choosing food.

    Your Pet’s Opinion
    It is always a good idea to get your pet’s opinion when selecting the food that he will eat. If possible, see which option your pet is more attracted to based on smell. Let him sample different foods to find the one he likes the most.

    Contact Pet Butler and Metro Pet to start selecting your pet’s favorite food today. Discover our selection of amazing pet food brands and our pet waste removal services by visiting us online. Get more information by  calling us  at (888) 672-4158.

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  • Let This App Help You Train Your Dog

    Training your dog is essential for teaching him how to properly behave at home as well as when he is around other people and other dogs. If you start training your new pooch as soon as he arrives home, he will have an easier time understanding and learning the rules. That is why it is important to get some advice.

    You can find all of the training advice you need from the Dog Training app available on the Google Play Store. This helpful app is filled with training tips for various responsibilities and actions, making it easy for the whole family to follow the same training techniques to get the best results.


    This app will help you train your dog, but Pet Butler of Dallas can help you take care of the rest. Discover our  pet waste removal  services as well as our mobile grooming and food products by giving us a call at (888) 672-4158.

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