• 4 Signs Your Dog Is in Dire Need of Grooming

    Pets are part of the family! That is why you work hard to keep your pets as happy and healthy as possible. You can provide care and support for your dog with help from EZ Pet Care of Dallas . We offer pet waste removal services as well as grooming services for dogs of all sizes from Pet Love Mobile Grooming. Check out this guide to see if your dog is in need of grooming:

    Shih Tzu (1 year)

    His Nails are Too Long
    You clip your nails regularly to keep them in good condition. Your dog requires this type of pampering as well! Regular nail clippings keep their nails at a safe and healthy length. If you have noticed that your dog’s nails are longer than you like them to be, it may be time to visit a groomer.

    His Fur Is Tangled or Matted
    Dog owners can take care of their furry friend’s hair by investing in a proper pet brush. Using this brush is important for removing tangles and dirt that may build up in your dog’s fur. But it is still easy for tangles to develop, even with regular brushing! Have our mobile  grooming salon  come out when his fur becomes tangled or matted.

    His Fur Smells
    Every pet owner knows that sometimes pets can smell! This can happen for a variety of reasons. If your dog has been playing in mud puddles or working up a sweat, you can help him by having Pet Love Mobile Grooming come out to give him a bath.

    He Has Dandruff
    Dandruff does not just affect humans, but it can also be seen in dogs. If your dog’s skin is too dry or oily or becomes irritated easily, he may start developing dandruff. Help your dog maintain healthy skin and fur with regular grooming.

    If your dog needs grooming, contact Pet Butler and Pet Love Mobile Grooming today! Our dog waste removal and grooming services are helpful for all Dallas  pet owners . Give us a call at (855) 999-3973 for more information. 

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  • How to Walk Your Dog on a Leash

    If you own a dog, you should also own a leash! This simple accessory allows you to control your dog while venturing outside and letting him explore. Walking your dog is a great way to let him get exercise, get out of the house, and get away from his regular environment. Make the most of this experience by learning how to properly walk your dog while on his leash.

    Dog with lead

    Start by signaling to your dog that you are the pack leader. Accomplish this by staying in front of your dog before, during, and after the walk. This allows your dog to see that you are in control, and he should obey your commands. Use a short leash for the most control, and reward your dog’s good behavior by allowing him to use the restroom and sniff around during a break from the walk.

    Walks provide an opportunity for a dog to relieve himself, but most of the time, your dog will go in the yard! Keep your yard clean with help from Dallas’ EZ Pet Care. Call us at (855) 999-3973 to learn about our helpful  dog poop removal  services.

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  • How a Waste-Filled Yard Can Ruin Your Outdoor Party

    Summer provides free time for the family. Take advantage of this free time by planning an outdoor party for family and friends! Hosting a celebration is a great way to get your loved ones together before the season ends. Just make sure your home is ready for the party by hiring a pet waste removal service to clean your backyard.

    Two dog chasing

    Creating a Bad Smell
    If you have ever left pet waste in the yard for too long, you already know how bad the smell can become. This is one of the most important reasons to invest in pet waste removal before an outdoor party! Pet waste in the yard can create an unpleasant odor that is sure to put off your guests. Keep the party atmosphere alive with help from a pet waste removal service.

    Ruining Guests’ Shoes
    Pet waste is not fun to smell or see, but it is even worse to find on your shoe! Nobody wants to step in dog poop, which is why it is important to make sure your backyard is clean before  inviting guests over for an outdoor party . If you do not handle this responsibility, your guests may end up with pet waste on their shoes. This can be frustrating and even damaging to certain types of footwear. Make sure your guests’ footwear is safe by getting rid of the waste.

    Making Your Home Dirty
    Once people step in waste, they track that waste around wherever they walk. If guests step in dog poop during your party, they may track that waste into your home when they step inside. Avoid this dirty and annoying problem by hiring a professional pet waste removal service.

    Get your yard ready for an outdoor party by hiring EZ Pet Care! Learn about our Dallas pet waste removal services by  visiting our website . Get more information by calling us today at (855) 999-3973.

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  • Dry Dog Food vs. Wet Food

    Have you recently welcomed a puppy into your home? During this exciting time, it is important to focus on providing a safe and healthy environment for your family’s newest addition. You can accomplish this by researching dog food options and finding the best diet for your new furry friend.

    Get tips for selecting the right food by watching this video. Some dog owners prefer dry food, while others prefer wet food. Both types of food can help dogs maintain a healthy lifestyle, though some nutritional studies suggest that dry food loses some nutritional value as a result of the drying process. You can combine wet and dry food if you are unsure of which one to choose.

    No matter what you feed your dog, you can maintain a healthy outdoor environment for him with help from Pet Butler ! Contact our Dallas pooper scooper service by calling us at (855) 999-3973.

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  • From Nose to Tail Keeping Your Pet Healthy [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Your pet is your best friend, and it’s up to you to keep him happy and healthy throughout his life. One of the most important aspects of pet care is feeding your pal the right kind of food. Pets rely on you for nourishment, so choose a food with high-quality ingredients. Another important pet care task is grooming—mobile grooming services are convenient for you and will keep your pet from getting mats and tracking excess dirt into your house. Last, but not least, it is essential to clean up your pet’s waste. Animal waste contains bacteria that can be harmful if left on the ground, so call your Dallas pooper scooper to rid your lawn of “poo-lution!” Check out this infographic from EZ Pet Care to learn more about pet care. Please share with your fellow animal lovers!