• Training Your Dog to Go to the Bathroom Outside

    A dog makes a great addition to any family! Training your dog as soon as you bring him home is important for building trust and a good relationship with family members. One of the most important lessons for your dog is learning where to go to the bathroom. Make sure pet waste stays outside by following these training tips:

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    Look for Warning Signs
    It is common for pets to let their owners know when they have to go to the bathroom. Look for some of the most common warning signs to figure out  when you should take your dog outside . If you notice your dog whining, pacing, or circling, it may be time to go for a walk!

    Create a Designated Bathroom Spot
    Giving your dog a specific bathroom area makes it easier for him to learn where to go and where not to go. Choose an appropriate spot in your backyard and keep it clear from any clutter. Make sure your dog has easy access to this area so that your pooper scooper service will only have one spot to check out!

    Take Your Dog Out When Necessary
    Dog doors allow pets to head to the backyard whenever they need to use the bathroom. If you do not have a dog door, give your pet plenty of opportunities to relieve himself outside by developing a bathroom schedule. Take your dog to the designated bathroom spot between 10 and 30 minutes after waking up or eating.

    Use “Don’t Go There” Training Aid
    Make sure your dog knows which areas are off-limits by utilizing a training aid. Pet Butler offers a “Don’t Go There” application that can be applied to off-limits areas to let dogs know that these spots are not for eliminating. Your dog will eventually learn to avoid these spots!

    Once your dog starts going to the bathroom outside, you can contact Pet Butler to help you keep the backyard clean and attractive! Learn about our Dallas pet cleanup services by  taking a look at our website  or calling us at (855) 999-3973.

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  • How to Brush Your Dog’s Coat

    Taking care of your dog is an important responsibility. You can keep your dog’s coat smooth, shiny, and attractive by brushing it regularly. This activity removes tangles and dirt and keeps a dog’s coat growing properly.

    You can learn the right way to brush your dog’s coat by watching this video. Use your free hand to separate the hair so you can brush it in smaller sections. This will provide the best results while also preventing any pain or irritation to your dog.

    Cleaning up after your dog is another important responsibility! Pet Butler of Dallas can help you keep your home’s exterior clean and healthy with our professional  dog poop removal  services. We also offer Pet Love Mobile Grooming to help keep your dog looking his or her best. Call us at (855) 999-3973 for more information.

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  • What Not to Do with Your Pet’s Poo

    Pets bring fun and love to your life. Unfortunately, they also bring poo with them! Cleaning up after pets is important for maintaining a healthy environment both inside and outside your home. It is essential to learn the proper ways to dispose of pet waste in order to avoid spreading any germs that could potentially harm your family or your neighbors.

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    You should definitely not leave pet waste on the ground. Pet waste in grass or on pavement can find its way to public water sources. You should also avoid using pet waste in a compost pile because of the potential health concerns. Hiring a professional dog poop removal company is the best way to get rid of your pet’s waste in a safe and efficient manner!

    If you are interested in learning more about pet waste removal, contact  Dallas’ Pet Butler  today. Give us a call at (855) 999-3973 to find out how you can benefit from our professional pooper scooper services.

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  • Top 5 Ingredients to Look For When Choosing Your Dog’s Food

    All members of your family should enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet. That includes your pets ! Make sure your dog gets the nutrients he needs by selecting a dog food that features a variety of tasty and healthy ingredients. You can choose the right option by looking for these ingredients the next time you visit the pet store:

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    Animals need protein to keep their bodies functioning properly. Meat is a great source of protein, which is why it is a good idea to look for  dog foods featuring fresh and natural meats . Inspect various ingredients lists to find chicken, beef, fish, and other types of protein for your pooch.

    Protein is not the only element that the body needs to function—there are other vitamins and minerals that can help dogs develop strong and healthy bodies. Help your dog get these beneficial elements by choosing dog food made with different types of vegetables.

    You can include other healthy vitamins and minerals in your dog’s diet by choosing foods that feature fruits. These sweeter treats are not found in dog food as commonly as vegetables are, but they can still be included as part of a healthy canine diet. Avoid feeding your dog cherries or grapes, as these can be harmful to him.

    Whole Grains
    Carbohydrates give the body energy, making them important in any diet. Help your dog get the right carbohydrates by looking for foods that feature whole grains. These ingredients offer more nutritional benefits than other types of carbohydrates.

    Healthy fats are essential for maintaining shiny coats! Your dog’s food should contain fatty acids that boost the health and appearance of his fur. Look for different types of healthy oil ingredients to provide these fats.

    Metro Pet food from Pet Butler contains ingredients that keep your dog healthy and happy. Give us a call at (855) 999-3973 or visit us online to learn about our Dallas feeding and water services and  dog waste removal .

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  • Pet Waste and Urban Waterways: How Big is the Problem?

    Pet waste does not just pollute the aesthetic appeal of your yard. If not disposed of properly, it can actually become dangerous to your city’s water supply. Keep reading to find out how: 

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    Potentially Dangerous Bacteria

    One of the most harrowing aspects of pet waste is its ability to spread bacteria. If it finds its way into the water supply, it can increase bacteria levels and make the water unsafe for people to swim in, let alone drink. Dogs have E. coli and fecal coliform bacteria in their guts. They can also spread salmonella and giardia. If any of this bacterium enters the water, it causes huge health risks for the people who live near it.

    High-Levels of Dogs in Urban Areas

    If dogs were not popular pets, their feces would not have such a big impact on water supplies. Because they are seen in about 40 percent of homes, though, this is a serious issue. Pet owners who do not practice proper dog waste removal are putting themselves, their families, and their neighbors at risk for exposure to contaminated water.

    Pet Waste and Storm Water Runoff

    Rain water is able to wash pet waste into drains and bodies of water. Because many storm drains do not lead to water treatment facilities, this allows potentially contaminated water to flow into lakes and streams. By sucking up oxygen and releasing ammonia, pet waste in these water supplies can wreak havoc on fish, algae, and the state of the water.

    Do your part to prevent water pollution by hiring Dallas’ Pet Butler to properly handle your pet waste removal . Our pet cleanup services get rid of poo-lution before it has any negative impacts on the environment. To learn more about our dog poop removal or our mobile grooming and pet food delivery services, visit our website or call (888) 471-1173.

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