• Tips for Potty Training Your Dog

    Potty training your dog requires patience. This video explains how to teach your dog when and where to use the bathroom. When you first get your dog, keep him with you while in the house. With constant supervision, you can reduce the number of accidents that he may have. By feeding him at the same times each day, you can establish a consistent schedule of when he eats and goes to the bathroom. Each time you take your dog outside and he successfully relieves himself, praise him. He’ll soon learn to go to the bathroom outside all the time.

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  • Removing Pet Stains from Your Carpet

    Before your pet is completely trained to go outside or to the litter box, you might get a few stains on your carpet. If you get to it early, you can use a pet stain remover or vinegar mixed with water to tackle the stain. Spray it on the affected area and work it in really well with a brush. The vinegar will kill the bacteria and get rid of the smell. For more great tips on battling pet stains, check out this video.

    When your pet does learn to go outside, Pet Butler is here to handle your pet waste removal services. With our proper pet cleanup, you can keep bacteria and parasites from contaminating your yard or the city’s water supply. Call (888) 471-1173 to learn more about DFW’s Pet Butler, Pet Love, and Metro Pet Food’s services. We can help you with all of your pet care needs from nose to tail! 

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  • The Ins and Outs of Feeding Your Cat

    Like a human, a cat requires proper nutrition for a high quality of life. Because some cats will eat whatever is placed in front of them, it may be tempting to feed them more often than is needed or with foods that aren’t ideal for their dietary requirements. The following tips can help you choose the right food for your pet:

    Metro Pet Cat Food

    Control Portions

    Many people consider cats to be low maintenance pets. They require little training and don’t need to go outside to relieve themselves. Some individuals take this ease of pet ownership a step further by providing their cats with a constant stream of food. However, cats can fall victim to obesity if given continual access to dry food. If you currently own an automatic pet feeder, switch it out for an ordinary bowl and feed your cat just twice a day to control his calorie intake.

    Monitor Hydration

    Be sure your cat is adequately hydrated. Because wet food contains a higher concentration of water, it’s easier for your cat to get the fluids he requires. If you decide to feed your cat dry food, make sure he has constant access to water throughout the day to balance his hydration needs.

    Include Protein

    Cats primarily require animal proteins in their diets. When evaluating different types of cat food, you should carefully examine the list of ingredients in each brand. Wet cat food is generally touted as a better option for fulfilling cats’ protein needs, but dry cat food can provide these nutrients as well. Before getting a kitten or cat, you may want to consult an animal expert who can recommend a high-quality brand of cat food.

    Pet Butler and Metro Pet offer the services and products you need for a healthy and happy pet. Our premium dog and cat food can ensure that your animal receives the important nutrients he requires. For more information on the pet waste removal and dietary services we provide for pet owners in the greater Dallas area, call us at (888) 471-1173. 

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  • Dog Waste and Children’s Health

    Links between dog waste and potentially harmful parasites and bacteria make it more important than ever to properly handle your pet waste removal. Dogs can carry parasites like round word and bacteria like E. coli, which pose great risk to humans.

    Child with puppy

    Unfortunately, children are often at a higher risk than adults of coming into contact with these parasites and bacteria. Since they play in the dirt and grass, they might unknowingly get it onto their hands. If they touch their mouths or eyes, they could get very sick.

    Protect your children from the dangers of dog waste by using Pet Butler for your Dallas pooper scooper needs. By safely removing dog waste, we reduce the risks for exposure to harmful contaminants found in the feces. To learn more about our mobile grooming and pet food delivery services or to set up a Pet Butler appointment, visit our website or call (888) 471-1173.


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