• Finding the Best Summer Haircut for Your Dog’s Breed

    As the days get hotter, pet owners strive to make sure that their furry friends are comfortable. If you have a dog, you might be questioning the best method for making sure the heat doesn’t overcome him. However, you should consider the breed before trimming a dog’s coat. 

    Rub-A-Dub-Dub: Puppy in the Tub!

    Some dogs rely on their coats for air movement that cools the skin and maintains a consistent internal temperature. Other dogs, such as Shih Tzu and Poodle, require frequent trims. Before taking measures into your own hands, consult a dog grooming expert with a background in different breeds. A specialist can give your dog the right haircut for a comfortable and safe summer.

    Let Pet Butler and Pet Love help you look after your pet’s needs this summer. Our pet waste removal and mobile grooming services offer the convenience of at-home service. Call us today at (888) 471-1173 to schedule an appointment


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  • The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Groomed in the Summertime

    Warm summer days encourage people to get outside and take advantage of the great weather. Pet owners in particular gravitate to parks and trails with their dogs during the summer. While giving your dog these opportunities to enjoy the sunshine can allow him to get essential exercise, it’s important to be vigilant about his grooming when the weather warms up. To ensure that your dog remains content and healthy all summer long, consider these dog grooming guidelines:

    English Bulldogs playing on the beach

    A Clean Coat Prevents Fleas and Ticks

    As temperatures increase, so do the incidences of fleas and ticks on animals. It takes only a few minutes of frolicking in the park to make your dog’s coat dirty and dusty, which is exactly the kind of environment that these parasites crave. By regularly washing your dog’s coat, you can lower his risk for attracting fleas or ticks. Frequent baths also provide a chance to inspect your dog’s fur for these pests.

    A Brushed Coat Promotes Temperature Regulation

    When you don’t brush your dog’s coat, he may suffer from matted fur that prevents air circulation around his skin. This can cause considerable discomfort during the hot summer months. Brushing your dog’s coat on a consistent basis reduces the occurrence of matted fur and encourages the proper removal of extra hair, allowing your dog to stay cool when temperatures spike.

    Trimmed Nails Avert Paw Trauma

    When considering your dog’s grooming needs, don’t overlook his nails. Excessively long nails can easily break when your dog goes outside to run and play. Should his nails fracture, it can cause extreme discomfort and even infection.

    Make sure your furry friend has a safe and enjoyable summer. Pet Butler and Pet Love provide essential dog waste removal and mobile grooming services for the greater Dallas community. Call us today at (888) 471-1173 to find out more about our convenient at-home grooming options.


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  • What to Do if Your Pet Soils the Carpet

    Although it is mostly full of joy and love, parts of being a pet owner can become pretty stinky. If your pet leaves a special present for you on the carpet, there are a few steps you should take to make sure it does not happen again. Use this guide to help you keep the pet cleanup confined to your outdoor area:

    Pooper Scooper Services

    Find the Entire Mess

    You might not have a superior sense of smell like your pet, but it is important to find every spot where your pet soiled on the carpet. If you do not fully clean every area where the animal did its business, you put yourself at risk for another incident. Use a strong cleaner and spend some time really working on the affected area to get rid of the smell entirely.

    Enforce Appropriate Behavior

    Use positive reinforcement to lead your pet toward the area where you want them to go to the bathroom. For cats, this will most-likely be a litter box, while dogs tend do go outside to deposit their waste. As soon as possible, start to re-train your pet to encourage it to change its behavior. This includes making the spot the animal soiled as unattractive as possible.

    Tackle Tough Stains

    If you do not find your pet’s surprise right away, it might be a little harder to remove the stain. For areas that have already set, you can try a wet vacuum or a strong stain remover. You should not, however, use a steam cleaner or you could make the stain worse. Cleaning solutions with chemicals could attract your pet back to the same spot.

    Once your animal learns the right way to go to the bathroom, Pet Butler is here to help you with proper pet waste removal. With our pooper scooper services, you can stop the poo-lution and keep your home clean and sanitary. To learn more about Pet Butler, Pet Love or Metro Pet Food and our other Dallas-area services, visit our website or call (888) 471-1173.

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