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    While waste disposal is something that most pet owners would rather not think about, its importance cannot be stressed enough. It’s your “doodie” as a pet owner to clean up every pile of poop that your furry friend leaves in its wake. You can follow these links for more information:

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  • What Dangers Are Contained Within Your Pet’s Waste?

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    It is an unfortunate fact that many pet owners who cannot or do not want to clean up after their pets simply leave the waste on the ground. Little do they know, however, that this habit is putting passersby in danger of contracting diseases. Read on for an overview of some of the dangers that are contained within pet waste:


    Dog droppings may contain the eggs of these unpleasant-looking parasites, which then find their way into the soil and mature until they are able to emerge and infect humans and animals. A whipworm infection can result in intestinal inflammation and hemorrhage, diarrhea, and weight loss.


    Roundworms can grow to be nearly three feet long, and can wreak havoc on a host’s body. In pets, roundworms live in the digestive tract and can cause bloating, poor coat quality, anemia, vomiting, and even pneumonia if they spread to the lungs. In humans, roundworms can damage the lungs, liver, and brain. In some rare but serious cases, a human host could even go blind.

    Canine Distemper

    Canine distemper virus, which is closely related to measles in humans, may be present in the droppings of infected dogs. This highly dangerous disease can cause discharge from the eyes and nose, vomiting, seizures, fever, and diarrhea. According to statistics, the distemper survival rate in dogs is just 25%, and even those who do survive are usually left with permanent damage.


    This virus causes severe diarrhea in dogs, which can later lead to dehydration if not treated promptly. Puppies and dogs with compromised immune systems are especially at risk of suffering lasting effects from a coronavirus infection.

    If you don’t have the time—or the stomach—to clean up after your pet, look no further than Pet Butler of Dallas. Our professionals know how important it is to properly dispose of pet waste, and have been providing property owners with quality disposal services since 1988. Learn more about our services by calling us at (800) 738-2885.

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  • Pet Butler Review – Customer Testimonial

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    The team here at  Pet Butler of Dallas  can help you eliminate the unpleasant and unhealthy surprises your pets leave behind. We’ve been stopping the poo-lution for residential and commercial clients for over 22 years. To find out why we’re the most trusted name in pet waste cleanup, give us a call today at (800) 738-2885. 

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  • Why Your Pet Waste Shouldn’t Be Left Out

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    There’s a reason why many municipalities have written laws mandating that pet waste be cleaned up promptly. Pet waste that is left out for too long poses a danger to anyone in the vicinity, even if they just skirt around it without coming in contact with it. Here are just two reasons why pet waste needs to be picked up right away:

    Pet Waste Limits Yard Use

    Lawns and landscaping are huge investments for any homeowner, and few problems can harm that investment faster than piles of pet waste lying around. Pet droppings may contain various harmful parasites and diseases that can seep into the soil and infect anyone who inhales the pathogens or touches contaminated spots. Keep an eye on your pet whenever you let him or her out into the yard, and have a pooper-scooper at the ready if you see it assume the position. This way, you can get the waste cleaned up before it can pose a significant threat.

    Pet Waste Attracts Flies

    Nobody wants to live in a home that is swarming with flies, and that is exactly what will happen if you leave your pet’s waste sitting out for too long. Flies will lay eggs on the poop, and there will be fecal matter clinging to their leg after this. If the flies get into your house, their legs will contaminate anything that they come in contact with. When their offspring hatch, you will have an even bigger problem on your hands, so be sure to clean up after your pet as soon as it does its business.

    Pet waste is an especially large concern in hot, moist climates. Luckily, Pet Butler of Dallas is available to help residential and commercial properties remove pet waste before it can become an environmental hazard. Find out how we can help you stop the poo-lution by calling us at (800) 738-2885 today.

  • What Are the Effects of Pet Waste?

    Cleaning up after our furry friends is not exactly the most pleasant task, but one that’s absolutely essential. There can be some very serious consequences if you let your yard become a minefield of poop.

    Can you even stomach the idea of dog poop in your water supply? When runoff from precipitation or sprinklers washes poop into storm drains, that’s exactly what can happen. Watch this video to learn more about the effects of pet waste.

    The best way to combat the effects of pet waste is by relying on a  trusted local poop remover . Pet Butler of Dallas is dedicated to stopping the poo-lution around the Dallas-Fort Worth area and creating a cleaner, more sanitary environment for all! Call us at (800) 738-2885 to get started today.